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  • iPhone - Posted by ronan - 27 Mar 2014
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    Android: platform of the next decade or revenue backwater?

  • This week was an interesting one for the perennial Android vs. iOS debate. Horace Dediu kicked things off on Sunday with a few infographics depicting the dominant smartphone ecosystems: This was picked up on by Cennydd Bowles and a sparkling debate ensued.
  • mCommerce - Posted by JochenSiegert - 11 Mar 2014
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    Mobile wallet hype in Germany's payments industry - more losers than winners

  • Do you remember the dotcom bubble at the turn of the millennium? Even back then, German consumers were able to make payments with their mobile phones. A start-up called Paybox enabled mobile payment transactions that leveraged the German domestic debit system to settle transactions on consumers' current accounts. All a consumer had to do was add their bank account details as a funding source to the Paybox system.
  • Windows Phone - Posted by ronan - 27 Jan 2014
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    A week with Windows Phone 8

  • Part of my job is to know what is going on in the mobile space. With this in mind, I swop phones constantly—from low-end feature phones to the flagship devices for each smartphone OS. It’s been a while since I tried a Windows Phone (most recently a Lumia 510) so I decided it was high time to look again. Having experienced the lower end of this platform this time I tried out a Lumia 1020, the current Nokia flagship.
  • Community - Posted by ruadhan - 09 Dec 2013
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    Upcoming mobile events 2014

  • Just published on our sister site, mobiThinking, is a pick of upcoming mobile events from all around the globe, including Mobile+Web Devcon in San Francisco (Jan 2014), and Open Mobile Summit in London (May 2014).
  • Responsive Design - Posted by mclancy - 13 Nov 2013
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    Mobile and Web: restating our assumptions

  • Much like Max Cohen, the tortured mathematician looking for order in chaos in the classic movie Pi, we all find ourselves constantly reevaluating our assumptions and thinking on the issues at the intersection of mobile and web. Which is how it ought to be. In such a fast moving environment, sticking one's head in the sand isn’t really an option. By the time you raise your head and take a look around, chances are you will be looking at a completely different landscape.
  • Responsive Design - Posted by ronan - 06 Nov 2013
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    Open discussion with Mozilla on the use cases for UA strings

  • Yesterday, Mike Taylor from Mozilla kicked off a very interesting open discussion on the use cases for user agent (UA) strings on the modern web. The results of this document will ultimately end up on the Mozilla wiki.
  • Network - Posted by mclancy - 27 Aug 2013
  • Author thumbnail image: mclancy Saving on bandwidth to connect the world

  • Mark Zuckerberg’s initiative to bring the entire planet online launched last week to mixed response. Supported by major industry players including Samsung, Qualcomm, Ericsson, MediaTek, Nokia and Opera Software, the initiative’s stated objective is to help those in less advantaged areas of the world get online and join the knowledge economy. Zuckerberg points to some thought-provoking statistics on the current global state of world connectivity to make his point:
  • Responsive Design - Posted by Staff - 31 Jul 2013
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    A selection of easy-to-use tools to build a responsive site

  • There are various techniques for building mobile websites. Previously we wrote this article which covers some of these techniques, and which gives an overview to help developers to decide which approach to adopt.
  • iPhone - Posted by Sean McGrath - 04 Jul 2013
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    Beyond the bells and whistles: What does iOS7 mean for the development community?

  • The new iOS7 is causing quite a stir in the development and design communities. Some are hailing Apple's newest operating system as a well overdue renovation. Others are saying that Tim Cook and Jony Ives are insulting the clear vision of Steve Jobs, by disregarding function in favour of form. Whichever camp you are in, iOS7 is coming to a screen near you and while the beta still leaves a lot to be desired, any developer with an ounce of self-preservation would do well to get on board this iTrain.
  • HTML5 - Posted by Staff - 05 Jun 2013
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    A review of Firefox OS, its features and benefits

  • Mozilla will unleash its new mobile platform Firefox OS shortly, with devices running the system going on sale in Venezuela, Poland, Portugal, Brazil, and Spain in June. There's been a lot of anticipation of the OS from the outset, as it could potentially change the way mobile is viewed in some markets.