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  • Content Adaptation - Posted by atrasatti - 09 Jul 2008
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    DeviceAtlas 1.3 adds Python and Ruby support

  • When we initially released DeviceAtlas back in February we announced three different API's, Java, PHP and .NET. From the beginning we knew that the Ruby and Python communities would have been knocking at our door and in fact we have not been sitting staring at the wall. The initial API's have been updated and streamlined and now we come with two new flavours that should be welcomed by many web developers.
  • Mobile Design - Posted by Ronan_Mandel - 01 Jul 2008
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    The mysteries of mobile data plans or It’s all about Page Weight

  • So I have to make a confession (seems like I’ve been doing that a lot recently…) For the first time in my life I received a mobile phone bill with data charges on it. What you say? Are you some sort of imposter? Have you not been using mobile data all these years? Well, here’s the thing: I’ve been using it for free (we’ll, it’s all been on the company’s dime that is) so it never really hit me how much it really cost.
  • Publishing - Posted by James Pearce - 26 Jun 2008
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    The Mobile Web is alive and well in Startup Land

  • dotMobi was at CrunchLudd last night and we got to talk to plenty of cool web startups from Dublin. I'm imagining there might have a similar event 12 years ago for print, media, graphic design and CD-ROM startups. And a ranting sponsor (who perhaps looked a bit like me) from the fledgling Internet industry kept telling them that the web would soon change their world.
  • - Posted by James Pearce - 26 Jun 2008
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    We're proud to sponsor CrunchLudd

  • Being good Dublin citizens, dotMobi is proud to sponsor CrunchLudd tonight - a joint TechCrunch & TechLudd Meetup.
  • Mobile Design - Posted by James Pearce - 24 Jun 2008
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    An "essential" document for mobile web designers

  • We've often maintained that 2008 will be the official "Year of the Mobile Web". But I've always thought that it's also the year when it comes out of the technical shadows - and web designers start to take it seriously. Mature mobile web design has been a long time coming, of course held back by usual gripes like browser capabilities, device diversity and network speeds. But life moves on, and now it's time to make the mobile web look amazing.
  • - Posted by James Pearce - 19 Jun 2008
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  • If you haven't seen Wordle, go take a look: it's a fun, pretty tag cloud generator.Here's how the front page of looks: Apart from the cricked necks here at dotMobi towers, it's nice to see some of the subliminal messages. "Blog with mobile!"
  • - Posted by ruadhan - 19 Jun 2008
  • Author thumbnail image: ruadhan v2.1.1 is live

  • You can probably guess by the version number 2.1.1 (from 2.1), there is nothing ground-breaking in this release. Just a few more bug fixes. In particular we have fixed a bug that caused the use of multiple <hr/> tags in your markup to reduce your overall score.
  • Publishing - Posted by James Pearce - 16 Jun 2008
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    Calling all mobile marketing professionals!

  • I'm proud to announce that we have a new sibling! We're really pleased with how mobiForge has grown over the last year to become an independent authority for technical mobile professionals. And now we're launching mobiThinking: dotMobi's new resource site and blog designed for anyone interested in mobile marketing, branding, and advertising.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by Ronan_Mandel - 12 Jun 2008
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    RIP Openwave Mobile Browser

  • So as we all get spun up in the excitement and wonder over iPhone 2.0, and as Apple appears to continue its ascendancy in the mobile space, I feel compelled to share about a company that’s gone in the other direction. I don’t know if folks don’t care, or there really isn’t any impact as a result of it, but either way I feel inclined to spend some pixels on a recent development.
  • Usability - Posted by Cyril - 05 Jun 2008
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    240x320, the new standard screen resolution

  • I've had this theory for the last few months, and so I've decided to put it to the test. Today, most of the new phones you can buy have a screen resolution of at least 240x320 and are fully web xHTML (WAP 2.0) capable. When I see all the new models constantly coming to market, it's clear that the common screen width is definitely shifting to 240x320 pixels.