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  • Usability - Posted by Ronan_Mandel - 21 May 2008
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    WebKit by any other name… or How I found a use for JavaScript

  • I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking lately about JavaScript/ECMAScript and the mobile web. What I’ve been struggling with is the need or value for it when it comes to sites which are organically created for mobile. Sure there’s a need to support JavaScript as fully as possible for providing a ‘full web’ experience and managing existing content, but when it comes to designing for the mobile context, is there really value for it?
  • Tools - Posted by pnerger - 19 May 2008
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  • has grown to be a significant developer community for the mobile web but, for the most part, it's been an online experience. That is about to change with taking to the field with developer events in the San Francisco, New York, and London areas. This is your chance to meet some of the dotMobi people behind and our other product offerings. It is also a chance to meet other mobile developers that are part of the same community as you.
  • Advertising - Posted by claireog - 15 May 2008
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    Ten Mistakes in Mobile Web Marketing

  • The dotMobi marketing arm - mobiThinking has just launched a free eBook called Ten Mistakes in Mobile Web Marketing. Even though the title of the eBook is clearly aimed at marketeers it is worth a read for everyone. The ideas behind good mobile web sites are simple but the execution isn't always so easy. Many of us are still thinking of mobile web sites as small versions of their PC-counterparts. That's simply the wrong approach. This and other pitfalls in mobile web marketing have been reviewed to produce this new, free eBook - Ten Mistakes in Mobile Web Marketing.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by atrasatti - 14 May 2008
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    Great new updates in DeviceAtlas 1.2

  • What a week at dotMobi and we are still not done with the updates. In fact we just completed the update of DeviceAtlas to version 1.2 and there are quite a few changes.
  • Tools - Posted by ruadhan - 14 May 2008
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  • We pushed out our first update to for some time last weekend. Well, you can stop salivating for now, as there are no new features to announce just yet; this release has focused on bug-fixes and such. Most notably version 2.1 includes:
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by James Pearce - 13 May 2008
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    Secret DeviceAtlas feature: Analytics

  • We always thought of DeviceAtlas as being more about device 'intelligence' than merely device 'data'. Being able to see and interpret patterns in the data helps developers make really smart design decisions, rather than just react, at run-time, to whatever turns up at their site. So we've been putting a lot of effort into the analytics features of the platform. Currently we're trying out one- and two-dimensional analysis of device model populations.
  • Tools - Posted by ronan - 13 May 2008
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    Server-side predictive text

  • We've decided to try an experiment on server-side T9: if you type in a purely numeric query we will try to see if it maps to any common words in the English language, and offer you a link to the search. Thus searching for 46835 will ask you if you meant "hotel" and "7464 8663 " will suggest "ring tone".
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by jonarne - 10 May 2008
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    Useful "X headers"

  • My hobby for a while has been to collect "X-headers". X-headers are fields in the request HTTP header beginning with an X. Put simply. These fields are kind of non-standard or proprietary add-ons to the regular fields in the HTTP header. These can be used for all kinds of fun stuff when building mobile portals. I have made a collection of some x-headers here.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by James Pearce - 09 May 2008
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    dotMobi Loves Mowser

  • At long last we can announce some great news! dotMobi is acquiring the well-known Mowser service that provides content adaptation services for mobile. We're very excited about this. Russell Beattie and Mike Rowehl are both very talented mobile gurus and they'll be joining the dotMobi team to help us do cool things with their technology. We did this deal because Mowser fits really well into lots of our current projects. Firstly, the Mowser directory, search and listings will be integrated straight into our newly launched service.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by atrasatti - 04 May 2008
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    DeviceAtlas: proposed new properties

  • We have prepared a list of proposed properties for addition to DeviceAtlas. The list was built based on the requests we received in the last couple of months. Your feedback and suggestion is requested. See our forums: Proposed new properties.