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  • Mobile Design - Posted by mclancy - 06 Jan 2012
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    Future of the Mobile Web: Request for submissions

  • Dear mobiForge community, We have invited a number of colleagues and opinion formers from across several different verticals to a forum event in Dublin on January 26th next to discuss some of the most pressing issues, trends, opportunities and challenges in today’s mobile web environment. People from companies like Adobe, Cloud Four, Nokia, Yiibu and others will be coming along. The idea is to build towards a consensus on current technology, facts, fictions and opportunities of the mobile web in an environment that is increasingly noisy and hype filled.
  • Advertising - Posted by mobiThinking - 20 Dec 2011
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    US mobile ad expenditure more than doubles to $2.1 billion in 2011, Google dominates, according to IDC

  • According to estimates by IDC, US $2.1 billion was spent on mobile advertising in the US in 2011. That’s more than double the expenditure in 2010. The split between mobile search and mobile display advertising spend is roughly 70:30. This is part of the reason that IDC attributes a massive 70 percent market share to Google (IDC describes Google as a “near monopoly” in search), but IDC believes Google is the market leader in display advertising in the US also.
  • - Posted by mobiThinking - 19 Dec 2011
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    Content theft: how mobiThinking dealt with a site that reprinted scores of original articles without permission

  • Recently mobiThinking discovered that a mobile and internet marketing consulting company in North Carolina, USA, had been reposting original content from on its own Website without permission. There were at least 70 original mobiThinking articles reposted in their entirety, including the most popular content and in-depth content such as the mobile stats compendium, guide to ad networks, guide to mobile awards etc.
  • Interviews - Posted by mobiThinking - 15 Nov 2011
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    New York, USA: ten excellent video interviews with ten mobile experts

  • In New York City, last week, mobiThinking interviewed ten leading mobile experts from an array of backgrounds, both brands and agencies, on camera. mobiThinking has been hunting for themes that unify them together, but apart from the obvious “your customers are mobile, if you’re not you are invisible”, it’s not been possible. Each interviewee shares different experiences, insights and foresights and different points of view… enough material for many blogs to come.
  • - Posted by mobiThinking - 02 Nov 2011
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    96 percent of smartphones and tablets lack necessary security software. Why it matters to your business - a lot

  • Growth of mobile malware, blasé attitudes to downloading apps and user ignorance to security is putting consumer handsets at risk. If those consumer handsets are also used for work by an employee or belong to a customer, then this puts the business at risk also. Businesses that recognize the risks not only need to secure employee handsets and the networks/systems accessed, but should also rethink their mobile app strategy. If employees and customers require download apps, then an enterprise (or private) app store is a good way to control distribution of apps.
  • User Experience - Posted by mobiThinking - 18 Oct 2011
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    Three basic rules for mobile user experience: 1. test, 2. test, 3. test again

  • Too many mobile sites, apps and campaigns are ruined by the smallest things, things that are easy to spot and are probably easy and cheap to fix. These little things are a big turn off to your customer, making them feel unwelcome and making it unnecessarily difficult for them to buy your product. So why is this? Are companies not test-driving their new shiny mobile initiative or do they just not care if it works properly?
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by ronan - 15 Sep 2011
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    The best of breakingdevelopment conference

  • As many of you know, the breakingdevelopment conference took place in Nashville, Tennessee over the last few days. It appears to have been a really seminal conference with 13 leading mobile web developers speaking. Others have already put together summaries of the conference but I thought I'd link to what I thought were the most interest presentations.
  • Apps - Posted by mobiThinking - 06 Sep 2011
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    Compelling content: tips for making useful, sticky mobile Web sites and apps (part 1)

  • Everyone wants to make their mobile site/app more relevant and useful. This helps to build traffic, increase time on site, improve search engine rankings, convert site visitors into actual sales, attract more advertisers et cetera. Providing excellent, accurate and oft-updated content that is relevant for your mobile customer is a major part of the mix.
  • Advertising - Posted by mobiThinking - 01 Sep 2011
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    So many ad-funded apps, so few ad dollars to support them

  • Flurry, a mobile app analytics outfit, predicts that “US app inventory is not only growing at a staggering rate, but also poised to absorb the equivalent of the entire US Internet display advertising spend by the end of this year.” That means that there is so much ad space within mobile apps that even if every one of the $12 billion spent on Web advertising in the US was channeled into in-app advertising, there would still be unfilled ad space.