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  • Session Handling - Posted by daniel.hunt - 04 Jun 2008
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    Cookie Support, and Mobile Devices

  • If you're a regular on the site, you'll have noticed that we have been hard at work creating a new Test Suite that will play nicely with DeviceAtlas. During its development, I've had to put up with a ridiculous amount of obscure problems, but there's one that continually rears its ugly, ugly head and makes life hell for me. Cookie support. Or lack of it.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by atrasatti - 03 Jun 2008
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    Device Testing is here, TA-DA!

  • We all know how important accurate device profiles are, and this is proven by the success DeviceAtlas has already had in less than 4 month. In the initial months we have focused on consolidating existing "database silos" and we are still doing that, but we want to do more now and introduce real-time browser testing with TA-DA.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by ronan - 29 May 2008
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    Creating mobile web sites using Google App Engine

  • Just a quick note to say that we've just published an article on building mobile web applications with Google App Engine, complete with advanced device detection. Check it out on mobiForge. Advanced device detection, meet infinite scalability!
  • Tools - Posted by ruadhan - 27 May 2008
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    Free developer event in San Francisco Bay Area this Friday

  • Just a quick reminder about our developer event in the San Francisco Bay Area this Friday 30th May. If you are in the Bay Area, and fancy a FREE breakfast, followed by a FREE developer session, then pop on down to the Stanford Park Hotel in Menlo Park on Friday at 9am.
  • Usability - Posted by Cyril - 23 May 2008
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    The worst practices of the mobile web, part II

  • A few months ago, I blogged about the worst mistakes I saw on mobile sites. Since this time I have visited and analysed plenty more mobile sites (so that my search crawler can process them better), and I have a few more offenders whose practices can make mobile browsing a nightmare...
  • Usability - Posted by Ronan_Mandel - 21 May 2008
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    WebKit by any other name… or How I found a use for JavaScript

  • I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking lately about JavaScript/ECMAScript and the mobile web. What I’ve been struggling with is the need or value for it when it comes to sites which are organically created for mobile. Sure there’s a need to support JavaScript as fully as possible for providing a ‘full web’ experience and managing existing content, but when it comes to designing for the mobile context, is there really value for it?
  • Tools - Posted by pnerger - 19 May 2008
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  • has grown to be a significant developer community for the mobile web but, for the most part, it's been an online experience. That is about to change with taking to the field with developer events in the San Francisco, New York, and London areas. This is your chance to meet some of the dotMobi people behind and our other product offerings. It is also a chance to meet other mobile developers that are part of the same community as you.
  • Advertising - Posted by claireog - 15 May 2008
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    Ten Mistakes in Mobile Web Marketing

  • The dotMobi marketing arm - mobiThinking has just launched a free eBook called Ten Mistakes in Mobile Web Marketing. Even though the title of the eBook is clearly aimed at marketeers it is worth a read for everyone. The ideas behind good mobile web sites are simple but the execution isn't always so easy. Many of us are still thinking of mobile web sites as small versions of their PC-counterparts. That's simply the wrong approach. This and other pitfalls in mobile web marketing have been reviewed to produce this new, free eBook - Ten Mistakes in Mobile Web Marketing.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by atrasatti - 14 May 2008
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    Great new updates in DeviceAtlas 1.2

  • What a week at dotMobi and we are still not done with the updates. In fact we just completed the update of DeviceAtlas to version 1.2 and there are quite a few changes.
  • Tools - Posted by ruadhan - 14 May 2008
  • Author thumbnail image: ruadhan v2.1

  • We pushed out our first update to for some time last weekend. Well, you can stop salivating for now, as there are no new features to announce just yet; this release has focused on bug-fixes and such. Most notably version 2.1 includes: