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  • Apps - Posted by ruadhan - 14 Sep 2010
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    Calling all app developers - get the recognition you deserve

  • That's right, Ireland's first and only dedicated apps awards, The Appys, are coming to town. These awards were set up to give the best apps developers the recognition they deserve. The competition is open to all, so if you've developed an app on any platform, or have been involved in the development of an app, then you can enter. The categories are: Best augmented reality/location services app Best business solutions app Best "branded" app Best gaming app Best media app Best social networking app
  • Messaging - Posted by mokil - 01 Sep 2010
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    Handling SMS delivery receipts

  • Recently, we looked at how to send SMS messages using a standard HTTP POST-based API. As was intimated at the time, most APIs also allow you to process delivery receipts for the messages you send. This allows you to determine the status of the message, i.e. delivered, failed, expired etc. Let's take a look at how this all works. Sending SMS Messages - A Quick Recap
  • Device Detection - Posted by daniel.hunt - 31 Aug 2010
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    DeviceAtlas API 1.4

  • This week was an important one for DeviceAtlas - we finally launched the new 1.4 version of our API! Why 1.4? The mobile web is constantly evolving, and with it, device detection needs to evolve too. With significant evolution in device capabilities, and large structural developments in certain device headers, the new DeviceAtlas API provides a highly flexible platform to cater for this growth, both now and well into the future.
  • Messaging - Posted by mokil - 10 Aug 2010
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    Sending SMS from Apps and Webapps

  • It’s easy to send SMS messages from any Web site or application, but it’s surprising how few sites/applications actually do this. Integrating SMS into your system gives it something extra, and allows your system to enhance the mobile experience for the user. In this article, we’ll look at how an SMS message can be sent from any system, and at a few providers who offer this functionality. Choosing an SMS Provider There are essentially three types of SMS provider: Mobile Network (e.g. Vodafone, Three) Aggregator SMS Messaging Company
  • Frameworks - Posted by ruadhan - 23 Jun 2010
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    Meet goMobi - A New Content Mobilization Platform

  • Here in dotMobi we've just launched our latest product. The culmination of months and months of hard work by the dotMobi team has resulted in the release of our spanking new content mobilization platform: goMobi. You can find all the official blurb over at along with some videos of our CEO and CTO talking about the product. What I aim to do here is to give an overview, from a developer's viewpoint, so that you can find out what there is in goMobi to appeal to the developer in you. A quick introduction
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by ruadhan - 19 Jun 2010
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    Device Detection in the Cloud: DeviceAtlas Personal

  • In this article we offer full tutorial on how to use the preview release of the service. So what is DA Personal? The purpose of DeviceAtlas Personal is to make device detection even easier. The main difference between DA Personal and DeviceAtlas, is that Personal is a Web service. It works as follows: a user visits your Web site on his mobile device. You then forward the User-Agent HTTP request header to the DA Personal service, and the response you receive will contain information about the user's device. That's it!
  • iPhone - Posted by weimenglee - 14 Jun 2010
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    SMS Bubble UI in iPhone Apps

  • Users of iPhone are no stranger to the built-in SMS application that displays your messages using cute little bubbles (see Figure 1). However, this innovative UI feature is not exposed to the iPhone developers - you have to create it yourself if you want to have the same look-and-feel of the SMS application. Creating this UI - which I will call the Bubble UI, allow you to represent information in a conversational style. A good application of this is when you are creating a chat application. Messages exchanged between two persons can be shown in message bubbles.
  • Device Detection - Posted by daniel.hunt - 19 May 2010
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    DeviceAtlas & HTML5

  • HTML5 is the brand new version of HTML, which contains a number of differences to it's predecessor.
  • Apps - Posted by weimenglee - 13 May 2010
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    Using the PopoverView in iPad App Development

  • In the previous article, we saw how to develop a new type of application known as the Split View-based application on the iPad. And one of the new views introduced for the iPad is the PopoverView, which you had a quick glimpse of it in action in the previous article. In this article, I will show you how you can use the PopoverView in your iPad application, not just in a Split View-based application. Getting Started with the PopoverView
  • iPad - Posted by weimenglee - 19 Apr 2010
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    Developing Split View Based Apps for the iPad

  • The iPad runs on the same OS used by the iPhone and the iPod touch, which means that developers who are already familiar with iPhone programming are able to quickly write applications for the iPad. In fact, most (if not all) iPhone applications should run without any problem on the iPad, albeit in a smaller frame size, with an option to pixel-double. However, to really make full use of the large size screen afforded by the iPad, you would need to redesign your UI to take into account the extra screen space.