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Posted by germana - 19 May 2007

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Hi!! I have a Web aplication that implement a Menu, this menu it's displaying using javascript... but now i find out my menu doesnt work in mobile devices..... is it about javascript???? there's a way to make work this menu in mobile devices???? what about wmlscript??? Thanks!!!

Posted by roland 8 years ago

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Scripting on mobile devices is hard.
Lots of devices and XHTML (MP|Basic)/1.0 has no scripting support.
WMLScript and XHTML is also not possible.

If you have no content adaption software with an user-agent recognition [1] (there are also commercial solutions available, as example the company I'm working for) there are two solutions:
a) use a non scripting menu solution ;-)
b) use simple scripting and follow the W3C Mobile Best Practices [2]

Hope this helps,


Posted by ruadhan 7 years ago

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We also have a article which covers AJAX and javascript for mobile. You can read it here.

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