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  • Device Detection - Posted by ronan - 21 Sep 2009
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    A minimal mobile-aware web app with Python & cloud-based device detection

  • In this article we'll look at a how to make a minimal device-aware web application. The point of this article is not to demonstrate a useful application but rather to show just how little code is required to make an app that is fully device aware, and that can change its presentation entirely depending on the nature of the device accessing it.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by atrasatti - 09 Jul 2008
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    DeviceAtlas 1.3 adds Python and Ruby support

  • When we initially released DeviceAtlas back in February we announced three different API's, Java, PHP and .NET. From the beginning we knew that the Ruby and Python communities would have been knocking at our door and in fact we have not been sitting staring at the wall. The initial API's have been updated and streamlined and now we come with two new flavours that should be welcomed by many web developers.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by ronan - 29 May 2008
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    Creating mobile web sites using Google App Engine

  • Just a quick note to say that we've just published an article on building mobile web applications with Google App Engine, complete with advanced device detection. Check it out on mobiForge. Advanced device detection, meet infinite scalability!
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by ronan - 29 May 2008
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    Creating Mobile Web Sites with Google App Engine

  • By now most people have heard of Google's App Engine (GAE). In case you haven't, GAE lets you run your own web applications on Google's extensive network of servers meaning that you can scale your application as traffic demands, with no hardware headaches, no machine provisioning, no LAMP stacks, no Apache configurations.