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Mobile Marketing Discovery Tactics for the Mobile Web

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Posted by mobiThinking - 23 Mar 2009
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On the mobile Web, many users still do not know how to find the content they want.

This is a real handicap for marketers looking to exploit the range and reach of the mobile Web through mobile marketing– and Forrester estimates that 83 per cent of marketers want to do just that.

The Key Benefits of a Mobile Marketing Discovery Strategy

What’s clear is that getting your mobile marketing content discovery strategy right can pay huge dividends:

  • Consumer researcher Nielsen Mobile says that attracting mobile Web traffic extends the audience reach of online sites by an average of 13%
  • Advertising research house Dynamic Logic says mobile marketing significantly increases brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent
  • comScore, the marketing research firm, states that on average, mobile marketing display campaigns get a higher click through rate than online, averaging 2-3 per cent for mobile versus 0.25–1% online.

Clearly the mobile marketing opportunity is huge. What’s also clear is that the capacity of a consumer to discover any mobile Web site is a function of three linked factors. The first two are about mobile marketing ‘pull’; the third is all about mobile marketing ‘push’:

  • the ability for the user to guess your Web site name
  • the ability for the user to find your Web site using their favorite search engine
  • the means the site owner uses to promote its content to interested users – such as display advertising, shortcodes, SMS.

All three issues are hot as marketers strive to influence consumers via mobile marketing. And it’s a burgeoning opportunity. Research shows that only about a quarter of US consumers has as yet used a mobile phone to access the Internet.

This paper explores these issues relating to mobile marketing content discovery. Download it here.

Posted by mobiThinking - 23 Mar 2009

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