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Trick or Treat - where are Halloweens mobile marketing gems?

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Posted by mobiThinking - 31 Oct 2008
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mobiThinking has been scouring the mobile web for a good fright. So far we’ve been a little disappointed, but the night is still young. We were surprised not to find a trick-or-treat mobile advertising campaign: click on trick to see something scary (like how much you are charged for data by your mobile operator); click on treat and you receive some free minutes... or data preferably; even more if you pass it onto a friend.

Sony Ericsson gets a gold star for effort with its spooky video campaign for the Walkman W595. It involves an element of viral mobile marketing, but essentially it’s a web-based campaign when we’d expect mobile web from a handset manufacturer. You can watch it here (among other places) and find out more about it here.

We also thought’s "He Rides" campaign was heading in the right direction. Here a headless horseman was projected onto buildings and sites in Chicago and other cities, periodically inviting text-to-win. Perhaps next time the text reply will contain a mobile web link where the entrant’s coupon awaits. See the video on m.YouTube and campaign details here.

Sticking with m.Youtube, we found this excellent short Halloween flick about a haunted Tivo that would do anything for its owner. Not for the fainthearted – or those with tiny screens or limited data packages.

After that we needed a drink, so we toasted’s selection of evil cocktail recipes, with tempting names such as Satan's Whiskers.

The Halloween safety tips for pets on were a little wordy for the small screen, but useful if you are the sort of people who like to dress up their pets in a costume.

There was a bit of horror at though, as the link to Halloween costumes ended in a server error.

We found reviews of Halloween the movie. The 1978 John Carpenter cult classic gets a thumbs up on , while suggests the 2007 remake is a horror for the wrong reasons.

Then we downloaded and some spooky wallpaper from Amob and suddenly it was time to go trick-or-treating.

According to WordNet Halloween, aka Hallowe'en, Allhallows Eve, “is the evening before All Saints' Day; often devoted to pranks played by young people”. The big question is: why aren’t there more mobile pranks by marketers?

Please let us know if you spot any good Halloween campaigns. Comment below.

Posted by mobiThinking - 31 Oct 2008

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