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Engaging video on mobile in China, packed with stats, from Group M

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Posted by mobiThinking - 19 Jul 2013
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This excellent video was created for Group M, the parent of Maxus, MEC, MediaCom, Mindshare and Xaxis, by Seen Vision, using data from the Group M Interaction survey (July 2013) and various third-party stats.

The survey, conducted by Decision Fuel, collected data from 981 Chinese smartphone users by mobile phone, which is a large enough sample to give a meaningful indication of what’s happening in the world’s number 1 mobile market. It’s also good to see mobile data being collected by m-research.

The video takes the viewer through the mobile day with lots of wow stats with data from its own survey, intermingled with stats from elsewhere. The stats from the video are transcribed below the video. The sources aren’t made clear in the video, but mobiThinking has identified some, and hopes to make the rest clear with the help of Group M.

The stats highlighted in the video:

Respondents = the proportion of smartphone users who replied to the survey, who said they…)

• 73 percent of respondents wake up to their phone alarms (Group M).
• 420 million mobile Internet users in China at the end of 2012 (CNNIC). mT note: this have now grown to 464 million mobile Web users.
• Mobile is the No1 Internet access device – mobile access: 75 percent; PC access: 71 percent (CNNIC). mT note: mobile access has now grown to 79 percent).
• 80 percent of respondents use mobile phones on public transport (Group M).
• 20 percent of taxi drivers use the DiDi taxi app, (source unknown).
• In 2013, China became the world’s top smartphone, ahead of US (source unknown). mT note: argueably earlier – smartphone sales in China overtook US in late 2011/early 2012 according to Strategy Analytics/Canalys, .
• 77 percent of respondents never download paid apps (Group M).
• 60 percent of apps are not used one week after downloading (Group M).
• 66 percent of respondents have used their phones to break off a relationship (Group M).
• In the first minute of Chinese New Year, Sina Weibo users sent 730,000 tweets (Sina Weibo via The Next Web).
• 65 percent of respondents have used their phones to beautify a picture before sending (Group M).
• Mobile’s share of online video traffic 08/2013: 16 percent; 02/2013: 33 percent (source unknown).
• 20 percent of iOS downloads are in China (source unknown).
• 2012 Daily IM messages (190 billion) exceeded SMS (176 billion) (source unknown).
• WeChat, messaging app, had 400 million users in February 2013 (source unknown).
• 95 percent of respondents use their phone before bed: 48 percent check WeChat; 40 percent check Sina Weibo (Group M).
• Over 1.5 million mothers prurchase baby items on Taobao mobile each month, as of Q4 2012 source unknown); 3.30 am is a buying peak.
• Mobile e-commerce in China totaled 50 billion Yen (US $8.1 billion) in 2012 a 600 percent increase on 2011 (source unknown).

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Posted by mobiThinking - 19 Jul 2013

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