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  • Marketing - Posted by mobiThinking - 08 Jul 2014
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    What do brands need from mobile and what sort of agency is best to deliver this for them?

  • “Very few companies are spending enough in mobile – perhaps one in 10 are spending enough. They need to be rethinking their products and services using the mobile channel, building apps and sites and then spend money promoting them so consumers will use them. But first, they need to make the mobile experience better,” – Mark Read, CEO, WPP Digital.
  • Advertising - Posted by ruadhan - 20 Jun 2014
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    Ad targeting in a multi-screen world

  • The latest whitepaper to be published by dotMobi takes an in-depth look at some of the technologies and issues involved in implementing real-time ad exchange networks in a multi-device environment. It takes us on a journey through the mobile ad service chain, highlighting where device-diversity and detection can be leveraged to get the most out of ad targeting in a multi-screen world.
  • Advertising - Posted by mobiThinking - 20 Jun 2014
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    Why increasing device fragmentation is having a positive impact on mobile ad targeting

  • Cellphones, smartphones, phablets, tablets, e-readers, PCs, notebooks, games consoles, smartwatches, smartTVs, connected cars… there’s an ever-expanding array of Internet-enabled device types and vast numbers of them. IHS (February 2014) predicts there will be 6 billion new connected devices sold in 2014.
  • Advertising - Posted by mobiThinking - 18 Jun 2014
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    Offline Book - is it a mobile ad or a mobile utility? DDBs clever Web-based campaign wins Gold Mobile Lion at Cannes

  • When a mobile device goes offline, e.g. when a train enters a tunnel, instead of receiving an blank offline page, visitors to participating Websites were shown an extract from relevant books from publisher Math Paper Press. The campaign wanted to remind people that books didn’t go offline, like mobile devices. The technology uses a mobile Web app that mobile publishers could download and add to their site.
  • Touch - Posted by mclancy - 16 Jun 2014
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    FIFA World Cup Mobile Site

  • As World Cup fever begins to take hold (even for those of us from countries that didn't qualify), I've inevitably found myself drawn into the competition, multi-screen style. Having access to an array of fixtures, groups, stats, team line-ups and so on at my fingertips has definitely added to my experience of the event.
  • Publishing - Posted by ruadhan - 05 Jun 2014
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    Faulty redirects, Google, and you

  • Google has, for some time now, recommended various guidelines that should be observed when redirecting visitors from a desktop site to a mobile site. One such recommendation is that visitors who request a specific page on the desktop site should be redirected to the corresponding page on the mobile site, and should not be redirected to the homepage of the mobile site.
  • mCommerce - Posted by mobiThinking - 23 May 2014
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    Revealed: mobile banking customers at worlds largest banks - the huge, the tiny and the AWOL

  • If you want to know how seriously a company takes mobile, study the annual report. The reports of the world’s largest banks show that they – and their investors – consider mobile banking to be very important. And that’s not surprising considering that there are expected to be 1 billion mobile banking users in 2017, according to Juniper Research (January, 2013).
  • - Posted by ruadhan - 01 May 2014
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    Developer Economics: take the survey and win

  • Update: This survey is now closed We've partnered with VisionMobile on its Developer Economics report survey. VisionMobile has been doing a stellar job of producing excellent research into many aspects of the mobile dev industry. Previous reports have charted things like revenue models by screen, platform prioritisation, and HTML5 vs native trends.
  • Android - Posted by mobiThinking - 10 Apr 2014
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    Mobile browsing stats: why do iOS users surf more than Android users?

  • If Android smartphones and now tablets (as of 2013) outsell iOS devices so convincingly worldwide, why do iOS devices command such a substantial share of mobile browsing in Western markets such the US? This blog post examines why this happens today and whether this will continue to be the case in the future, and what it all means for your mobile strategy.