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The dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack

The dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit from dotMobi to help mobilize your WordPress site and blog. It includes a mobile switcher to select themes based on the type of user that is visiting the site, a selection of mobile themes, extra widgets, device adaptation and a mobile administration panel to allow users to edit the site or write new posts when out and about... Read More

A Very Modern Mobile Switching Algorithm – Part II

This article follows on from last month's Part I, where we discussed some of the principles of handling mobile users and switching their experiences. If you haven't read it yet please do so before we dive into some of the technical ideas and implementation details... Read More

Hotbeds of Mobile Development

When you register for mobiForge, we ask you a few optional questions about who and where you are. This is not because we are running some elaborate email spam scheme, but basically because we like graphs. In particular, we ask you to provide your city and country. We thought we'd let you know where the hot beds of mobile development are around the world - at least for a sample of the 22,000 users who've registered on mobiForge... Read More

Introducing the new DeviceAtlas Data Explorer

We teased you about this a few months ago and we've now finally finished! DeviceAtlas v2.1 offers analytics tools to explore the mobile device information in its database. In the video below, James and Andrea give you a teaser of how it works, and talk through some of the cool new tricks. We're going live next Monday, and we'll announce here when it's available. UPDATE: we've gone live... Read More

A Very Modern Mobile Switching Algorithm – Part I

An important question that most web developers ask when developing their first mobile web site is "how do I distinguish between mobile users and desktop users?". Although this seems like a simple enough question at first, of course there's more to it than meets the eye. In fact, what do we even mean by 'distinguish'? How we distinguish their requirements? Their desires? The services they expect? The browsers they happen to be using?... Read More

User Agent Widget Trace Facility

Sometimes you've got a user-agent on your clipboard and you just can't work out what it is. Enter our User Agent Widget Trace Facility (or UA-WTF for short). Scroll down a little and start entering a mobile browser user-agent into the box below. With a bit of cross-site scripting magic, we've hooked up this page to a live instance of our DeviceAtlas API. As you type (hopefully) you'll see what we know about it. DeviceAtlas Ts&Cs apply. Have fun!... Read More

America’s largest mobile web site

We have a sister site over at mobiThinking, and they've just published a bunch of cool new case studies and interviews about businesses making their presence felt on the mobile web. Up this time is the Weather Channel, who, with weather.mobi, have between 7 and 9 million unique users per month, and claim to be the largest content site in the US for the mobile web... Read More

The Mobile Web is alive and well in Startup Land

dotMobi was at CrunchLudd last night and we got to talk to plenty of cool web startups from Dublin. I'm imagining there might have a similar event 12 years ago for print, media, graphic design and CD-ROM startups. And a ranting sponsor (who perhaps looked a bit like me) from the fledgling Internet industry kept telling them that the web would soon change their world... Read More

We’re proud to sponsor CrunchLudd

Being good Dublin citizens, dotMobi is proud to sponsor CrunchLudd tonight - a joint TechCrunch & TechLudd Meetup... Read More

An “essential” document for mobile web designers

We've often maintained that 2008 will be the official "Year of the Mobile Web". But I've always thought that it's also the year when it comes out of the technical shadows - and web designers start to take it seriously.Mature mobile web design has been a long time coming, of course held back by usual gripes like browser capabilities, device diversity and network speeds. But life moves on, and now it's time to make the mobile web look amazing... Read More

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