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Win free tickets for MobileSQUARED Roadshow (New York, November 2, 2010)

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Posted by mobiThinking - 27 Oct 2010
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The MobileSQUARED team has given mobiThinking five free tickets for the New York Roadshow next week to anyone who can answer these questions. All the answers can be found in articles in the MobileSQUARED newsletter.

  1. 6.9 percent of US consumers that view a mobile ad go on to purchase the item, but what ethnic group is most likely to make a purchase after viewing an ad: a) African American; b) White; or c) Hispanic?
  2. What percentage of US consumers have made a purchase via mobile Web or mobile app: a) 16.8 percent; b) 21.4 percent; or c) 26.7 percent?
  3. By the end of 2010 there will be how many mobile Internet users in the US: a) 98.5 million; b) 88.5 million; c) 78.5 million?
  4. In 2011, will more US consumers be browsing the mobile Web on a) iPhones; b) Android or c) Nokia smartphones?
  5. What is the average cost in the US to build a mid-range app, according to TigerSpike: a) $25,000-50,000; b) $50,000-75,000; or c) $75,000-100,000?

To claim your free ticket, send your answers to editor(at) or jo(at) The first five correct answers will win the tickets.

All other mobiThinking readers can purchase tickets for the MobileSQUARED Roadshow at 25 percent discount, by emailing

• mobileSQUARED Roadshow: USA
• November 2, 2010,
• Academy of Science, New York, NY, USA
• Regular price US$440 / €340
• All attendees receive a copy of mobileSQUARED’s latest report.

• Check out the agenda

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• Comment below or email editor (at)

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Posted by mobiThinking - 27 Oct 2010

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