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  • Responsive Design - Posted by mclancy - 04 Apr 2014
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    RWD: Responsible Web Design and how websites cope with compromised connectivity

  • Like most people, I use the internet a lot in the evenings when I have some downtime. Although I live in the centre of European capital city (Dublin) which ought to be fairly weIl served with cell tower coverage, I also happen to live in an old house with 12 inch thick poured concrete walls. Getting good a connection for voice calls has never been guaranteed, so I wanted to check how well some major brand’s web presences would fare under my particular set of circumstances on a mobile network connection.
  • Messaging - Posted by Staff - 17 Apr 2013
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    The most common mistakes in smartphone sites according to Google

  • Google are paying ever more attention to the mobile market and so, developers pay attention when the Big G is making recommendations. Google recently published a document on the main mistakes people make when working on mobile websites for smartphones. If you look through the list you can definitely recognize a cornerstone of Google's approach: focus on the end user. Or put another way, "adopt the approach you want but be aware of your audience".
  • HTML5 - Posted by Staff - 04 Apr 2013
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    Why HTML5 still presents some problems on mobile

  • One of the debates of 2013 centres on which approach you should adopt to deliver a great user experience, while keeping costs at an acceptable level. This question often gets parsed as “HTML5 or native applications?” or “HTML or mobile site builders” or even something else entirely. But with all the vaunted promise of HTML5, just what does that ‘5’ mean when it comes to real world deployments?
  • Usability - Posted by casaise - 06 Nov 2012
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    A Guide to Using Pictograms in Mobile Applications

  • A long-standing feature Developers inspecting the user agent profile of a modern handset like the Motorola XT682 ATRIX TV may be surprised to discover the following ImageCapable declaration which indicates whether a device can display images or not: <prf:ImageCapable>Yes</prf:ImageCapable>
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by mclancy - 23 Feb 2012
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    Future of the Mobile Web Whitepaper

  • We're very happy to publish this paper arising from the The Future of the Mobile Web event held at the Dublin Convention Centre in January 2012. We covered a lot of ground and the paper is a serious attempt to capture all the topics covered from HTML5 to responsive design to device detection and many others. We found it to be a very worthwhile process to listen, validate our ideas and learn from others in the process of writing it. We hope it is useful to a wider readership also.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by mclancy - 03 Feb 2012
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    Future of the Mobile Web

  • Last week we hosted an event loftily entitled "The Future of the Mobile Web" at the Dublin Convention Centre.

DIY Touchscreen Analysis The success of the iPhone has triggered the adoption of touchscreen systems in a wide range of mobile devices, and a bevy of new gadgets equipped with capacitive sensing technology have now hit the market. MOTO has years of experience developing products that use capacitive touch, and we’ve tested many of the latest devices. Our conclusion: All touchscreens are not created equal. Read more »
  • Usability - Posted by James Pearce - 30 Apr 2009
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    The dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack

  • The dotMobi WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit from dotMobi to help mobilize your WordPress site and blog. It includes a mobile switcher to select themes based on the type of user that is visiting the site, a selection of mobile themes, extra widgets, device adaptation and a mobile administration panel to allow users to edit the site or write new posts when out and about.
  • Usability - Posted by Ronan_Mandel - 29 Apr 2009
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    Accesskeys: Thinking about them in a QWERTY world

  • Interestingly enough, in this time of excitement and interest in building apps for mobile phones, Google did a refresh on their web apps for iPhone and Android. Go figure, seems like the mobile web isn't dead even on high end, high power devices. Even more, it would appear to make sense to build mobile specific web interfaces even for fully functional WebKit browser based devices. Imagine that!
  • Usability - Posted by Ronan_Mandel - 20 Apr 2009
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    Handset Market Share Data (why it matters)

  • With Mobile World Congress and CTIA now behind us, it's difficult to not get hot bothered and drooly about what new handsets are going to be on the market. Don't get me wrong, hot, new, fully functional and super sexy are all good things to have in a handset, especially in these otherwise gloomy times. However, as a developer it's important to remember to not get too carried away in the excitement, and here's why. The handset sales figures for November and December in the US were recently released, and a look at them reveals something telling for how one might (or might not) target content development.