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  • HTML5 - Posted by ruadhan - 01 May 2014
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    Developer Economics: take the survey and win

  • We've partnered with VisionMobile on its Developer Economics report survey. VisionMobile has been doing a stellar job of producing excellent research into many aspects of the mobile dev industry. Previous reports have charted things like revenue models by screen, platform prioritisation, and HTML5 vs native trends.
  • Android - Posted by Staff - 27 May 2013
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    Google I/O: Android Studio launched to build and test Android apps

  • This year’s I/O saw Google showcase a series of mobile-related initiatives focused on helping the Android community to grow and prosper. As Android continues to dominate the smartphone market, expectations are high for new Android activations in 2013. Google are forecasting that in 2013, 900 million Android devices will be activated. The Google Play app now sees more than 2.5 billion installs every month with 48 billion apps downloaded since the launch of the Android Market in late 2008.
  • HTML5 - Posted by BlackBerryLuca - 12 Mar 2013
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    BB10 tutorial: create Web apps that seamlessly integrate BlackBerry 10 native functions

  • The much-anticipated BlackBerry 10 operating system is already creating a splash with customers, analysts and developers alike. In this tutorial, BlackBerry developer evangelist Luca Sale teaches us how to develop a Web app for the new OS that hooks into the native functions of BlackBerry devices such as the camera and the ever-popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM).
  • Android - Posted by weimenglee - 19 Dec 2012
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    Consuming JSON services in Android apps

  • Unless you are writing a Hello World Android application, chances are your application would need to connect to the outside world to fetch some data, such as live currency exchange rates, weather information, records from databases, etc. One of the easiest ways for your application to connect to the outside world is to use web services. For the past few years, XML web services have dominated the arena for web services, as XML was touted as the ubiquitous medium for data exchange. However, using XML as the medium for your data payload suffers from the following problems:
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by mclancy - 23 Feb 2012
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    Future of the Mobile Web Whitepaper

  • We're very happy to publish this paper arising from the The Future of the Mobile Web event held at the Dublin Convention Centre in January 2012. We covered a lot of ground and the paper is a serious attempt to capture all the topics covered from HTML5 to responsive design to device detection and many others. We found it to be a very worthwhile process to listen, validate our ideas and learn from others in the process of writing it. We hope it is useful to a wider readership also.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by mclancy - 03 Feb 2012
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    Future of the Mobile Web

  • Last week we hosted an event loftily entitled "The Future of the Mobile Web" at the Dublin Convention Centre.
  • Apps - Posted by ronan - 07 Oct 2010
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    Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Web

  • With all of the buzz around apps & app stores it would be easy to assume that mobile apps have unstoppable momentum and that the mobile web is taking a back seat. It's worth taking a step back to see how this is all going to pan out. Will mobile apps dominate completely and overwhelm the mobile web or does the mobile web still stand a chance?
  • Apps - Posted by ruadhan - 14 Sep 2010
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    Calling all app developers - get the recognition you deserve

  • That's right, Ireland's first and only dedicated apps awards, The Appys, are coming to town. These awards were set up to give the best apps developers the recognition they deserve. The competition is open to all, so if you've developed an app on any platform, or have been involved in the development of an app, then you can enter. The categories are: Best augmented reality/location services app Best business solutions app Best "branded" app Best gaming app Best media app Best social networking app
  • iPad - Posted by weimenglee - 13 May 2010
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    Using the PopoverView in iPad App Development

  • In the previous article, we saw how to develop a new type of application known as the Split View-based application on the iPad. And one of the new views introduced for the iPad is the PopoverView, which you had a quick glimpse of it in action in the previous article. In this article, I will show you how you can use the PopoverView in your iPad application, not just in a Split View-based application. Getting Started with the PopoverView
  • iPhone - Posted by weimenglee - 25 Mar 2010
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    Offline iPhone Web Apps

  • One of the several features outlined in the HTML 5 specification is the support for Web applications that continue to work while they are offline. This feature is very useful for Web applications because a Web application can be loaded just once and then run offline without needing a persistent Internet connection, making it behave just like a locally installed native application. Dashcode supports the manifest attribute available in the HTML 5 specifications for offline web applications. And so in this article, you will learn how to write offline iPhone Web applications using Dashcode.