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  • Touch - Posted by mclancy - 16 Jun 2014
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    FIFA World Cup Mobile Site

  • As World Cup fever begins to take hold (even for those of us from countries that didn't qualify), I've inevitably found myself drawn into the competition, multi-screen style. Having access to an array of fixtures, groups, stats, team line-ups and so on at my fingertips has definitely added to my experience of the event.
  • Responsive Design - Posted by mclancy - 13 Nov 2013
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    Mobile and Web: restating our assumptions

  • Much like Max Cohen, the tortured mathematician looking for order in chaos in the classic movie Pi, we all find ourselves constantly reevaluating our assumptions and thinking on the issues at the intersection of mobile and web. Which is how it ought to be. In such a fast moving environment, sticking one's head in the sand isn’t really an option. By the time you raise your head and take a look around, chances are you will be looking at a completely different landscape.
  • Responsive Design - Posted by ronan - 06 Nov 2013
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    Open discussion with Mozilla on the use cases for UA strings

  • Yesterday, Mike Taylor from Mozilla kicked off a very interesting open discussion on the use cases for user agent (UA) strings on the modern web. The results of this document will ultimately end up on the Mozilla wiki.
  • Device Detection - Posted by ronan - 15 Sep 2011
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    The best of breakingdevelopment conference

  • As many of you know, the breakingdevelopment conference took place in Nashville, Tennessee over the last few days. It appears to have been a really seminal conference with 13 leading mobile web developers speaking. Others have already put together summaries of the conference but I thought I'd link to what I thought were the most interest presentations.
  • Device Detection - Posted by daniel.hunt - 16 Oct 2010
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    DeviceAtlas & jQueryMobile

  • The first Alpha release of jQueryMobile was announced today, to great fanfare, and the mobile web world is already on fire with the thoughts of what this will mean to them. A little bit of background... Originally developed by John Resig, jQueryMobile's big brother "jQuery" is now in use by pretty much anyone who implements advanced JavaScript capabilities on their site.
  • Device Detection - Posted by daniel.hunt - 31 Aug 2010
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    DeviceAtlas API 1.4

  • This week was an important one for DeviceAtlas - we finally launched the new 1.4 version of our API! Why 1.4? The mobile web is constantly evolving, and with it, device detection needs to evolve too. With significant evolution in device capabilities, and large structural developments in certain device headers, the new DeviceAtlas API provides a highly flexible platform to cater for this growth, both now and well into the future.
  • Device Detection - Posted by ruadhan - 19 Jun 2010
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    Device Detection in the Cloud: DeviceAtlas Personal

  • In this article we offer full tutorial on how to use the preview release of the service. So what is DA Personal? The purpose of DeviceAtlas Personal is to make device detection even easier. The main difference between DA Personal and DeviceAtlas, is that Personal is a Web service. It works as follows: a user visits your Web site on his mobile device. You then forward the User-Agent HTTP request header to the DA Personal service, and the response you receive will contain information about the user's device. That's it!
  • Device Detection - Posted by daniel.hunt - 19 May 2010
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    DeviceAtlas & HTML5

  • HTML5 is the brand new version of HTML, which contains a number of differences to it's predecessor.
  • Device Detection - Posted by daniel.hunt - 22 Oct 2009
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    DeviceAtlas - Now with C++ & Apache Module

  • Here at dotMobi we're paying attention to what you, our users, customers and loyal followers want. And something we've noticed about your comments and emails, is that one of the most important things about device detection is performance. Well, in answer to the floods of emails from our regulars, we're delighted to announce the release of an official C++ API implementation, and an Apache Module!
  • Device Detection - Posted by ronan - 21 Sep 2009
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    A minimal mobile-aware web app with Python & cloud-based device detection

  • In this article we'll look at a how to make a minimal device-aware web application. The point of this article is not to demonstrate a useful application but rather to show just how little code is required to make an app that is fully device aware, and that can change its presentation entirely depending on the nature of the device accessing it.