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  • mCommerce - Posted by ruadhan - 05 Dec 2014
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    M-commerce insights: Retailers in action

  • For the third part of our m-commerce series (see part 1, part 2), we decided to look more closely at two websites that have chosen different approaches to mobile. One, Maplin, has chosen an adaptive approach without a unique mobile URL, while the other, Currys, went with an RWD approach. Both are electronics retailers based out of the United Kingdom.
  • mCommerce - Posted by ruadhan - 25 Nov 2014
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    M-commerce insights: Mobile users and context

  • Our last article on m-commerce looked at the effect of performance on conversions for e-retailers. In this second part, we take a look at how user context is used to optimise and adapt content by major e-retailers, and how this can affect conversions.
  • mCommerce - Posted by ruadhan - 19 Nov 2014
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    M-commerce insights: Give users what they want, and make it fast

  • With Black Friday fast approaching, and this year’s predicted to be the busiest since 2006, we thought it an opportune time to take an in-depth look at e-commerce – specifically, at mobile e-commerce (m-commerce). M-commerce is a strand of online retail that’s nudging close to taking up 20% of total annual online sales; appreciating its business significance, and coming up with a viable mobile retail strategy, is, thus, crucial.
  • mCommerce - Posted by mobiThinking - 11 Aug 2014
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    What is m-commerce? How big is it really? And why any company who sells anything needs it, now

  • The stats tell us that mobile commerce (m-commerce) is big and growing fast. It all sounds very impressive when included in conference slides or presentations to clients/bosses. But closer analysis shows that analyst estimates vary massively and m-commerce is actually still only a small proportion of commerce generally, though is a fast-growing proportion of e-commerce. It isn’t the consumers that are the issue – research shows that they are keen to shop using their mobile device.
  • mCommerce - Posted by mobiThinking - 23 May 2014
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    Revealed: mobile banking customers at worlds largest banks - the huge, the tiny and the AWOL

  • If you want to know how seriously a company takes mobile, study the annual report. The reports of the world’s largest banks show that they – and their investors – consider mobile banking to be very important. And that’s not surprising considering that there are expected to be 1 billion mobile banking users in 2017, according to Juniper Research (January, 2013).
  • mCommerce - Posted by JochenSiegert - 11 Mar 2014
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    Mobile wallet hype in Germany's payments industry - more losers than winners

  • Do you remember the dotcom bubble at the turn of the millennium? Even back then, German consumers were able to make payments with their mobile phones. A start-up called Paybox enabled mobile payment transactions that leveraged the German domestic debit system to settle transactions on consumers' current accounts. All a consumer had to do was add their bank account details as a funding source to the Paybox system.
  • mCommerce - Posted by mobiThinking - 17 Sep 2012
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    The rise of mobile banking and security concerns in the US [Infographic]

  • The Infographic from CreditScore.Net charts US consumer attitude to mobile banking. The stats are mostly from a Survey of Consumer Research Section of the Federal Reserve of around 2,000 consumers earlier this year (you should read this research).
  • mCommerce - Posted by mobiThinking - 16 May 2011
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    Win free tickets for the AITEC Banking & Mobile Money West Africa in Accra, Ghana, June 8-9, 2011

  • Five lucky mobiThinking readers can win free tickets for the AITEC Banking & Mobile Money West Africa which takes place on June 8-9, 2011 in Accra, Ghana. Just email us with the correct answer to these questions: In Africa the initial momentum behind the mobile money (m-money) revolution was driven mostly by: a) the banks; b) mobile operators c) mobile handset manufacturers or d) governments?
  • Usability - Posted by mobiThinking - 13 May 2009
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    Gomez and dotMobi Publish Latest Mobile Web Experience Benchmark Data for the Airline, Banking and Search Industries

  • The new benchmark data reveals that mobile Web sites were almost nine percent slower in April than in March. Conversely, fixed Web sites loaded three percent faster in April than in March, according to data from Gomez’s 18 Home Page Web Performance Benchmarks, revealing a widening performance gap between the mobile and fixed Web. April data for the Mobile Web Experience Benchmarks is now available at: Airlines: