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  • mCommerce - Posted by JochenSiegert - 11 Mar 2014
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    Mobile wallet hype in Germany's payments industry - more losers than winners

  • Do you remember the dotcom bubble at the turn of the millennium? Even back then, German consumers were able to make payments with their mobile phones. A start-up called Paybox enabled mobile payment transactions that leveraged the German domestic debit system to settle transactions on consumers' current accounts. All a consumer had to do was add their bank account details as a funding source to the Paybox system.
  • Advertising - Posted by jonarne - 18 Sep 2007
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    Mobile advertising for the greater good

  • Mobile advertising is currently a buzz word, here on mobiForge and everywhere else. Hence, the meaning of the term "mobile marketing" has many interpretations. I'll narrow it down to just talk about banner ads on mobile portals for now... Lots of articles have been written , Gartner finds it interesting and lots of commercial companies are entering this business. Of course we all hate flashing,blinking,rotating and noisy ads on web sites, and I fear that we're gonna hate it even more on our mobile phones! But not yet... Before we start to hate them, we will actually find them relevant...
  • mCommerce - Posted by andymoo - 16 Aug 2007
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    How to monetize your mobile site: PayPal Mobile Checkout

  • Following on in the series of articles on how to monetize your mobile site we're turning our attention to PayPal and their recently released platform for the mobile web: PayPal Mobile Checkout.PayPal Mobile Checkout is available now.
  • mCommerce - Posted by svo9712 - 27 Jul 2007
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    Mobile Advertising: New Revenue Earning Business Area for the operators

  • Mobile advertising can be a new business idea for any mobile operator. In the concept of Mobile Advertising, the network operator can play the role to act like a medium for advertisement.As is the case for a TV channel & a newspaper, a mobile can be thought of as a prospective and direct medium for the advertisers to reach and sell their product.
  • Advertising - Posted by admin - 05 Jul 2007
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    Get Rich Slowly or, Mobile Advertising: how to monetize your mobile site, Part 2

  • As promised in our previous feature (Mobile advertising: how to monetize your mobile site) we're following up our experiments with some findings. As you may recall from part I of this article, rather than talking about mobile advertising in theory, we decided to actually try it out on mobiForge to see how well it works in practice.
  • Advertising - Posted by ronan - 08 Jun 2007
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    Mobile advertising: how to monetize your mobile site

  • Like it or hate it advertising is one of cornerstones of the web today. Advertising is paying for a lot of the time and money that goes into creating and publishing content that you see online. Without it, a lot of the "free" web sites that make up so much of the web would eventually disappear.
  • Advertising - Posted by ronan - 06 Jun 2007
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    Celebrity news and bikini contests on

  • What has happened? Have we sold out? Are we making a cheap buck out of our developer forum?Thankfully not. This is all part of an altruistic experiment in mobile advertising. Those of you who visited the mobile version of mobiForge may have noticed that mobile ads started popping up on the site today.
  • mCommerce - Posted by Jo Rabin - 10 Nov 2006
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    If not now, when?

  • Growth of the Mobile Web and Operator Bashing This week saw another very well received Mobile Monday London, on 6 November. This time at Google's London office where we were treated to splendid hospitality. The topic this month, it being the first anniversary of MoMo London, was "Trends in Mobile" - aka what's changed in the last year? Tireless Tom (Hume) who was a speaker at the event posted a synopis of the event so I won't repeat it here. Other speakers were Helen Keegan from Beep Marketing, Ajit Jaokar from FutureText and Paul Goode from M:Metrics. This could have turned into a serious operator bashing session. But I'm pleased to say it didn't