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  • Accessibility - Posted by brysonmeunier - 12 Sep 2013
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    Eleven questions to better mobile SEO

  • Earlier this year I resolved to share more actionable information on mobile SEO in my Search Engine Land column, so it was nice to be invited to do that here on mobiForge. Mobile SEO best practices are so 2008. These days mobile search matters more than ever, and it’s important not only to have general guidelines, but to have a process for optimizing your site for mobile searchers. Today I’m going to go through an actual site example and optimize it.
  • Design Patterns - Posted by mdagruma - 06 Dec 2012
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    Lightweight accordions & sliders with jQuery Mobile

  • Mobile developers are commonly confronted with clients who want everything – all the content and features – on their PC site crammed into the mobile site, rather than going for a streamlined mobile site. That might sound like a recipe for bloated code and a poor user experience – neither of which is acceptable on a mobile device – but it needn’t be, as long as mobile developers emphasize ingenuity over excess functionality. That’s where jQuery accordion menus and sliders come in very useful and, if used cleverly, they can help keep the mobile experience lean and mean.
  • Authoring - Posted by ronan - 11 Apr 2012
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    Anatomy of a mobile web experience:

  • This is the second article in a series about how the major internet brands deliver their mobile web experience. The previous article is available here: Anatomy of a mobile web experience:
  • Device Detection - Posted by ronan - 28 Mar 2012
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    Anatomy of a mobile web experience:

  • In a recent blog post that I did here on mobiForge (Server-side device detection used by 82% of Alexa top 100 sites) some people expressed surprise that a 47 byte difference in the HTML payload delivered by Google to different devices constituted a significant level of server-side adaptation. On checking my results, it turned out that this minor 47 byte file size difference actually masks an entirely different HTML document served to
  • Design Patterns - Posted by ronan - 21 Sep 2010
  • Mobile/Desktop Switching Code

  • goMobi allows you to create a mobile site for your business. In order to make the best use of this mobile-friendly site we recommend that you add functionality to your existing desktop web site to automatically redirect mobile devices to the mobile site. This ensures the mobile users get the best experience even if they type in the address of the existing desktop site.
  • Browsers - Posted by bryanrieger - 15 Jan 2009
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    Effective Design for Multiple Screen Sizes

  • So you're a designer and have been tasked with the design of a mobile web site. Chances are, unless you're designing for only one device you're quickly going to be faced with a common problem experienced by designers who work with mobile devices; figuring out what screen size to actually design for. For instance:
  • Design Patterns - Posted by ronan - 10 Dec 2008
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    Don't forget the supine surfer

  • It's easy to be waylaid by the word "mobile" in "mobile web", to assume that the defining characteristic of mobile web surfer is the fact that they are out and about. Not always so! Sometimes, mobile = not at PC. Remember that "mobile web" often means the "consumed-on-mobile-device web" rather than the "out-and-about web". 
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by James Pearce - 08 Dec 2008
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    A Very Modern Mobile Switching Algorithm - Part II

  • This article follows on from last month's Part I, where we discussed some of the principles of handling mobile users and switching their experiences. If you haven't read it yet please do so before we dive into some of the technical ideas and implementation details.
  • Content Adaptation - Posted by jonarne - 04 Dec 2008
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    One web 2.0 - social edition

  • I bet I am not the only one wondering what Nokia was going to announce yesterday... In addition to the N97, Nokia Messaging was the big news. Put short, Nokia Messaging is enabling a bunch of IM-like services on the phone. In my mind this is an important change in the traditional mind pattern device manufacturers, and MNOs, have had until the iPhone.
  • CSS - Posted by paulca - 10 Nov 2008
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    Mobile Web Design: Getting to the Point - Part II

  • Following on from part I, I want to put into practice the principles that I isolated by looking at GMail, Twitter and Facebook. I’ll apply the principles to one of the most common of web applications: the online store. I want to look at three typical online store pages and then go through some ideas about how best to apply mobile web design principles to the pages. I'll go through the process of building the site from the ground up... from simple sketches through wireframing and the final design.