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Mobile Marketing Forum Foreplay

It’s 96 degrees F in New York. The dotMobi team is out in force for the Mobile Marketing Forum starting later this morning. Your jet-lagged correspondent was up bright and ridiculously early with a complimentary copy of USA Today. The cover story: “Are Google and Yahoo Dinosaurs? Many on the hunt for a way to cash in on wireless search.”...

Everything You Wanted to Know About Mobile SEO But Were Afraid to Ask.

That’s right, we’ve just published the latest in our series of ‘best practice’ papers and this time it’s on the thorny issue of mobile SEO. Go get it now. It’s jam-packed with 20 or so pages on the following things: The different requirements of mobile users and how this effects your mobile SEO effort. The different ways in which mobile search engines are working, and how this impacts the way you need to build your mobile sites...

Predicting the Predictive Mobile Search Keywords

According to Google's research, the average query on it’s Mobile Search is 15 characters long, but takes roughly 30 key presses and approximately 40 seconds to enter. This means that search engines don't have a lot to work with when tasked with providing the user with an experience that roughly equates to the quality of desktop search...

Why a dotMobi domain makes sense for SEO

Here's why:...

Low Fat or Full Fat, it’s still One Web

Well, doesn’t time fly? Just over a year ago I posted on One Web and what I think it means. A year or so later, what has changed? Well, firstly I think that there are a lot more made-for-mobile Web sites. Secondly, the term “One Web” continues to be used to describe the consumption of desktop oriented sites on mobile devices. For example, a post from Alan Patrick last weekend: there are currently 2 main schools of thought - (i) define a unique "mobile web", and (ii) make devices better at coping with existing web content. The problem with the mobile web option is the expenditure given the low pull through …...

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