Author Style Guidelines

Articles submitted to mobiForge should adopt an informal, but clear style. The purpose of demanding this style guide is not to make it more difficult to write, but rather to reduce the time it takes to go from article submission to publication. Thus we regret that content submitted to mobiForge that does not follow these guidelines will not be published.

General Guidelines

  • Content should submitted as HTML documents
  • HTML should be simple and clean and valid
  • You should avoid adding your own inline styles where possible

Headings and paragraphs

  • Use <h1> for the heading of the article
  • Use <h2>, <h3>, <h4> for subsequent headings (observing correct nesting). Avoid unneccessary subheadings – use <h2> where possible
  • Each separate paragraph should be contained within <p></p> tags.


All images should be submitted already resized to desired display size, and should adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Maximum width 650px
  • Image filenames should follow a simple convention of abbreviated article name, followed by index of image e.g.
  • To style an image with respect to the surrounding text, the following options are available:
    (1) Centered, with image caption below

    (2) Inline left

    (3) Inline right

  • ALT attribute – you should include ALT text on all illustrative images

Code Excerpts

  • All code excerpts should be enclosed in <code></code> tags. This will preformat the code excerpt, preserving indentation.
  • In addition, the language attribute can be used to further format the excerpt according to the syntax of the language of the code excerpt e.g.

    <pre language="javascript">
    My javascript code

    The possible language attribute values are:

  • filenames within text should be wrapped in

    tags e.g.

  • For command-line commands there are two options:
    (1) inline

    (2) block – code tags and command appear on separate lines. This will surround the command with a grey box:

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