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dotMobi is committed to providing education and tools to advance the mobile web community, including the world’s first mobile web developer certification.

Being a certified mobile web developer shows your clients and employers that you have specialized knowledge in mobile web development across multiple platforms – not just for .mobi sites. Plus, you will receive a strong background in the best practices of the W3C’s Mobile Web Initiative.

Directory of certified dotMobi web developers

Why be certified?

Professional certifications play an important role in the evolution of a growing technology because they show that you are part of a culture of excellence. Certifications allow you to have a competitive advantage in the marketplace by delivering a level of trust to your clients and employers. Certifications show that you are an expert.

certification certificate

When you pass dotMobi mobile web developer certification, you:

  • Receive a certification for wall display and a personalized .mobi site with proof of certification
  • Receive access to dotMobi trustmarks for use on your marketing materials
  • Grow your business because you'll be added to dotMobi’s directory of certified developers for client referrals

Special, limited-time offer

For a limited time, dotMobi and its certification partner, Prometric, are making certification available at an introductory price of US$195 (regular price $250). Visit to sign up.

Get started. Get certified. Now.

Certification Study Materials

The certification test is based on the documents listed below. Candidates are strongly advised to be familiar with this material before taking the test.

Sample Questions

Due to public demand, we have made a set of sample questions (not a whole exam) available here to give you an idea of what the exam is like.

Certificate Resources

Developers who have been certified can use the images and marks from the Certification materials page on their sites.

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