5 Facts About The Mobile Market In Ireland

Every year on March 17, Ireland is in the spotlight in every corner of the planet. This year at mobiForge we celebrate St. Paddy’s day by sharing some exciting statistics on the mobile market in Ireland based on website visits tracked by our device detection solution.

mobiForge is actually based in Dublin, Ireland, so we’re delighted to be able to share these statistics with you. But before we dig deeper into the statistics on the mobile market in Ireland, feel free to have a look at the following infographic presenting some of the facts we will talk about.

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Ireland mobile market statistics 2016

And here are the statistics on the mobile market in Ireland based on website visits during Q4 2015.

1. Only four other European countries like iOS more than the Irish

According to our mobile traffic statistics, most European countries are dominated by Android but there are some market were iOS is more popular. Ireland is definitely one of them. The table shows the popularity of operating systems in selected European markets based on web traffic in Q4 2015.

Android (share of traffic) iOS (share of traffic)
Poland – 71.58% Denmark – 64.54%
Spain – 71.42% United Kingdom – 59.1%
Croatia – 70.34% Sweden – 56.65%
Romania – 70.14% Norway – 53.37%
Turkey – 65.86% Ireland – 53.64%
Italy – 61.23% Belgium – 52.94%
Germany – 59.77% France – 51.23%

And here are some selected Android and iOS countries outside Europe.

Android (share of traffic) iOS (share of traffic)
Brazil – 78.93% Japan – 66.88%
India – 73.33% Australia – 65.38%
South Korea – 62.86% Canada – 59.38%
Israel – 51.7% USA – 57.32%
Russia – 51.19% New Zealand – 54.84%

The stats on the top 3 mobile operating systems in Ireland are as follows.

OS Web traffic share in Ireland (Q4 2015)
iOS 53.64%
Android 43.34%
Windows Phone 2.63%

2. There are four iPhones in the top 10 phones in Ireland

Ireland is one of the ‘iOS countries’ although there are markets where the dominance of iOS is even greater, such as UK or Denmark. This is also reflected in the popularity of particular phone models. People in Ireland own a lot of iPhones and were quick to adopt iPhone 6/6S. Here are the most popular phone models in Ireland in Q4 2015.

Phone name Web traffic share in Ireland (Q4 2015)
Apple iPhone 5/5S 26.88%
Apple iPhone 6/6S 14.23%
Apple iPhone 4/4S 10.74%
Samsung Galaxy S5 6.06%
Samsung Galaxy S4 3.44%
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime 2.39%
Samsung Galaxy S6 2.32%
Apple iPhone 6 Plus 1.34%
Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 1.29%
HTC One M8 1.09%

3. Some people in Ireland still use Nokias

It’s also not very surprising that Apple is the most popular mobile phone vendor in Ireland according to DeviceAtlas statistics. Its web traffic share is over two times larger than Samsung, the second most popular phone vendor in Ireland. Interestingly the fifth most used phone vendor is Nokia which is probably due to the fact that some people still use older Lumia devices.

Phone vendor Web traffic share in Ireland (Q4 2015)
Apple 53.74%
Samsung 25.06%
Sony 5.47%
HTC 4.75%
Nokia 2.11%

4. The Irish don’t mind some smaller screen sizes

While most flagship smartphones are today larger than 5 inches, the most popular screen size in Ireland is the humble 4 inches. Again, this isn’t a big surprise given that the iPhone 5/5S is the most used smartphone on the Emerald Isle. Here are the statistics on the most popular screen sizes in Ireland in Q4 2015.

Diagonal screen size Web traffic share in Ireland (Q4 2015)
4 inch 31.20%
4.7 inch 16.53%
3.5 inch 11.72%
5 inch 10.09%
5.1 inch 9.42%

5. The number of pixels doesn’t matter in Ireland

Some of the latest flagship devices feature a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution (WQHD) which was used in Samsung Galaxy S7 and LG G5. But the WQHD is not present among the top 5 most popular screen resolutions in Ireland. Three screen resolutions out of the top five are used in different iPhone models, including 640×1136 (iPhone 5/5S), 750×1334 (iPhone 6/6S) and 640×960 (iPhone 4/4S).

Physical screen resolution Web traffic share in Ireland (Q4 2015)
640×1136 27.19%
1080×1920 18.66%
750×1334 14.40%
640×960 10.87%
480×800 7.35%

If you’re looking for stats on a different country, you may visit DeviceAtlas Data Explorer.

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