Best and Worst Of The Mobile Web

There are some fantastic mobile websites out there – but there are also some turkeys (and some sites that get it almost right).

This free e-Book takes you through the key principles behind mobile web success as highlighted by our distinguished panel of mobi-gurus (including contributions from the Yankee group, Gartner, Yahoo! and top marketing agencies and service providers).

There are plenty of examples of the winners and sinners, so get out your smartphone and get ready to browse some great and not-so-great mobile sites.

“They seem to have taken a one-size-fits-all approach instead of using device targeting.”

“…browser crashes, poor information display and limited functionality.”
“They’ve kept it clean, easy to read and crisp – and it’s advertiser-friendly, which can be overlooked by publishers.”

Here is a snippet of whats inside…

The mobile web is reaching critical mass.
After years of anticipation, all the pieces are finally falling into place. The devices, networks, users and brands are all on the same page…and it’s about 128 x 160 pixels (and growing).

As this “Best & Worst” survey shows, 2008 is the “late early stage” of the mobile web: the end of the beginning. There’s a huge disparity between best practice and common practice, with most mobile websites still clustering around the bottom of the effectiveness scale.

But from this cluster, a few brands are leaping out; they’re getting it right and reaping the rewards. They’re creating simple, compelling mobile web experiences that entertain, satisfy a real need or do both.

To take a snapshot of the mobile web today, we asked a panel of distinguished mobile-marketing experts to tell us their favorite mobile sites and the ones they found disappointing or needing improvement.

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