DeviceAtlas 2.0

We’re thrilled to launch the new version of our award-winning DeviceAtlas platform. Version 2.0 is a huge step forward for us, and we hope it’s going to change the way you think about mobile device information.

Since we launched DeviceAtlas at the start of the year, we’ve been working hard to source mobile device information from all over the world. Take a look at the footer of the site and you’ll see the logos of handset manufacturers, mobile operators and leading vendors who’ve all helped us enormously to do this.

But we always knew that one of the richest sources of device information would be you: our users within the mobile developer community. You have to deal with the weird and wonderful world of handset behaviour on a daily basis, and we want to make it easy for you to get involved too.

So now, for the first time, you, the user, can directly influence the DeviceAtlas database.

Know something about a mobile device that we don’t? Need to patch DeviceAtlas with your own information? Want to test an entirely new device for us?

If so, v2.0 is for you.

Take a look at any device page, for example, and you’ll soon discover what this means. Click on a data record, and you’ll be able to enter or change the data immediately. (You can even simply agree with what you see, building consensus about the data.)

We’ll then process your change, and when you come to download your API and local copy of the database, your data will be present for use. As well as helping the community, you’ve improved your own application’s handling of that device.

You’ll also find a new ‘Account‘ page which lets you see all your personal activity: the licences you’ve downloaded, the devices you’ve tested, the changes you’ve made, and so on. Make sure you bookmark it: if you’re an active mobile developer we think you’ll be back here again 🙂

All in all, we feel v2.0 is a huge step forwards for DeviceAtlas, and we’d really like to thank all of our users who have provided feedback – and who have helped us to develop and test it so far.

We hope you enjoy using it, and please continue to let us know how we’re doing.

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