Google Mobile Friendly #Fail

Yes. I am a curmudgeonly old web dev. I remember when marquee tags were all the rage, but even back when I had hair, we paid attention to how heavy we made our web pages. Image optimization tools were invented to make sure we could shave as much off our web pages as we didn’t off our chins. The beeps and and pings of the dial up world did not a happy bedfellow make with heavy weight web pages.

Bbrrrrrr…bleeep….ffffnang, fffnang….

Mobile networks were still strictly off limits for standard web content (WAP content actually worked because it was lightweight).

The good old days

Ah good times…. So why the hell is Google now telling people that their 100MB RWD nightmare of a site is “Awesome”?

A 100MB ‘mobile-friendly’ site -Thanks Google!

Right now, one of the biggest companies on the planet, who hold the lion’s share of internet search traffic are advising people to ignore page weight when it comes to mobile sites.

Yes they have a separate tool to measure page speed (Google’s Page Speed Insights tool). But calling this a ‘Mobile-Friendly Test’ and giving a mobile-friendliness thumbs-up with an (arbitrary) measure of whether page displays adequately on mobile hugely misses the point.

Google, looks like your Mobile-Friendly test need updating.

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