The goMobi Challenge is on!

UPDATE:*** Given that it’s been a very hot summer this year, we decided everyone needed a few days to regroup for the goMobi Challenge. Since we want to see just how personalized you can make a goMobi site, we’re giving you a little extra time to show us your stuff. We’ve extended the contest through October 17, 2010.

And along with the first-prize package of 100 one-year subscriptions to the goMobi product and highlighting you and your winning entry via an international press release, we’re giving the winner a 16 GB, WiFi-enabled iPad (all the better for looking at mobile websites).

But time is still short, so get going now.

We’ve got a prize-winning contest for you: The goMobi Challenge is on now!

By now, you’ve heard us talk about goMobi, our new mobile site building and content management tool. While we’ve discussed it mainly as an easy way for non-tech folks to quickly build mobile sites, we designed it so that pros like you can use it as a base for building top-notch mobile sites as personalized and unique as you want (or your clients want.)

We want to see just how personalized and unique you can make a goMobi site. And that’s why we’ve created a special contest: the goMobi Challenge. The basics are simple. Register for a free test site at Then check out our mobiForge article on using the many developer-specific tool included with each goMobi account. And build away! Build a site for a business — even your own — or a band or club or … Well, you get the idea. We want to see your creativity in using goMobi to create unique sites.

When you’re done, just visit our goMobi Facebook page ( to submit your entry.

“What do I win?”

If you’re the big winner, you’ll receive a first-prize package consisting of 100 one-year subscriptions to the goMobi product plus we’ll highlight you and your winning entry via an international press release to help you gain more clients.

Contest submissions will be accepted through 15 September 2010. You can see the full list of rules and disclaimers at

Now, get going and goMobi!

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