Mobile software statistics 2014

In this section you’ll find the latest statistics on software tailored for mobile devices. Discover the most popular operating systems, mobile browsers and apps for mobile devices. You’ll also get the latest data on mobile malware.

36 must-know mobile market statistics for 2014 – table of contents

8. Mobile operating systems market share

With 84.4% market share, Android was the world’s leading mobile OS in the third quarter of 2014. iOS came second capturing 11.7% market share, while Windows Phone ranked third, but with only 2.9% market share.

Source: IDC

9. Tablet operating systems market share

The most popular tablet OS in 2013 was Android with 61.9% market share (121 million units). 36% of tablets (70 million units) sold in 2013 were equipped with iOS, while Microsoft Windows was installed on 2.1% of new devices (4 million).

Source: Gartner

10. Mobile browsers

Covering 29.58% of mobile traffic, Chrome Mobile was the world’s top mobile browser in November 2014, overtaking Safari Mobile (21.48%), Android Browser (20.45%), UC Browser (9.94%) and Opera (8.97%), according to StatCounter.

According to DeviceAtlas Data Explorer, local markets don’t always reflect the worldwide mobile browser trends. They fall either into ‘Safari’, or ‘Android Browser’ dominated categories.

✔ Safari ranks first in the US, UK, France, Japan, China, and Russia.

✔ Android Browser leads in Germany, Spain, Italy, Brazil, South Korea, and India.

Sources: StatCounter, DeviceAtlas

11. The mobile app market

Google Play and Apple App Store dominate the app market in terms of the number of apps available. Here are the numbers of apps available via leading platforms in July 2014.

App Store Number of apps available
Google Play 1.3 million
Apple App Store 1.2 million
Windows Phone Store 0.3 million
Amazon Appstore 0.24 million
BlackBerry World 0.13 million

Source: Statista

12. App use patterns

In Q4 2013 Android and iPhone owners used 26.8 apps per month on average. The average time spent using these apps was 30 hours 15 minutes per person per month.

Smartphone owners aged 25-44 used the greatest number of apps (29), while 18-24 year-olds spent the most time using them (37h6min).

20% of all apps are used only once and 40% of all apps are used 11 times or more, according to a study by Localytics.

Source: Nielsen, Localytics

13. Malware

Kaspersky Lab estimates that 98.05% of all existing mobile malware targets Android. There were over 175,000 new unique Android malware detected in the first half of 2014, 18% more than in all of 2013, the report indicated.


36 must-know mobile market statistics for 2014 – table of contents

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