Mobile User Behaviour Statistics 2015

One of the most interesting aspects of mobile technology is how it changes the way we go about our daily lives. Here, you will find some fascinating information on the behaviour of mobile device users.

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13. Smartphone and tablet screen time

The time people spend using their smartphone is now exceeding the time spent looking at TV screens. US adults spend an average of 2 hours and 51 minutes a day using mobile devices.

Source: Localytics

14. Smartphone/tablet age demographic

A study carried out in March 2015, showed that 84% of 13-17 year olds in the US own a mobile phone. It was also found that 83% of 6-9 year olds use a tablet. This accounts for the increase in the number of smartphone shipments, and is expected to continue into the future.

Here, we can see the popularity of smartphones and tablets by age demographic:

Source: HeidiCohen

15. Daily mobile usage statistics

We have researched a number of interesting statistics regarding mobile phone usage frequency. According to market research, 65% of US smartphone user check their phones within 15 minutes of rising. 64% check their phones before 15 minutes of going to bed. 87% of millennials always have their smartphone at their side, 24/7.

Source: HeidiCohen

16. Smartphones and their users are becoming inseparable

Studies show that 25% of smartphone owners in the US aged 18-44 can’t remember the last time their phone wasn’t next to them. the smartphone is becoming an increasingly essential daily companion.

Source: FastCompany

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