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Sample dotMobi Certification exam questions

UPDATE: dotMobi certification course is no longer runningAfter receiving a number of requests from people to post a sample of the exam for the dotMobi Web Developer Certification course, we've finally bowed to public pressure. The questions listed below are not ones that you will find in the real exam, but they are representative of the kinds of things you will be asked and the difficulty level you can expect...

A new way to keep up with the forum

We added a new RSS feed to mobiForge today to help people keep up with posts in the forum. The following URL lists all recent forum posts across all topics, ordered newest first. This RSS feed works well as a Firefox live bookmark. As always, comments are welcome. and outages

Both and were out of action for a period last night: from about 2:58AM until 11:30AM on the 24th of May GMT both of these servers were unreachable to anyone outside of Ireland. Apparently this outage was the result of our hosting company's upstream connection to the outside world going down.We wanted apologize for this outage and assure you that we are taking measures to ensure that this will not happen again. ...

Outline for Mobile Web Developer’s Guide Part II

Part I of our web guide is now fully hosted as a web document on mobiForge, and each section can be edited and commented on separately:First Page (use the navigation block on the right hand side to help navigate through it) Printable VersionTo get us started on Part II of the guide we thought we'd start with a proposed outline...

Mobile Web Developer’s Guide Part II

Over the next few months we are going to try an experiment in online authoring. Those who follow our blog will know that we released a mobile web developers guide in electronic format in March (Mobile Web Developer’s Guide Part I). At that time we promised that we would follow up with Part II of this guide.This time we are going to do things a little differently...

MyMobileWeb – An open source platform for developing .mobi-compliant applications

Mobile Web development it is not as easy as conventional web development. Programmers must deal with a wide variety of device capabilities, an heterogeneous mix of software versions and different adherence to standards. For instance, there are different handsets (mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs) with different screen resolutions, input modes, memory, CPU constraints, etc...

The Importance of Mobile Pre-Emptive Navigation

One thing that often tends to get forgotten in the information architecture of mobile sites is pre-emptive navigation - essentially giving the site the intelligence to guess where you're likely to go and build a shortcut for you. Why is this important? Well, hierarchical navigation trees are all very fine and dandy, but if you have to return to the server to fetch the next sub menu seven or eight times before getting to the content you want, you're probably not going to bother. Other than having to wait for deck after deck to load, data charges are just too high to comfortably spend on downloading intermediary menus...

Creating Mobile Sites in Drupal Using Multisites

This article provides a quick way to make your Drupal site accessible to mobile devices through two options: Have a one site serve multiple devices using one code baseUse multisites to render content accordingly using one code baseBy doing this your site should be simultaneously available to both mobile and desktop browsers...

Top Firefox extensions for mobile content development

After putting up a poll about which Firefox extensions are most useful for mobile web developers, a number of people suggested that there should be a separate page to list these. My personal list is as follows:Web Developer ToolbarChris Pederick's toolbar isn't a mobile-specific extension but is nonetheless extremely handy since it lets you do quite a few different things from seeing information about the current page to turning on and off various DOM elements. The page size indicator is particularly useful since it adds up

Introduction to WURFL

Complying to standards is not always easy, but it is very important so that browsers will display your contents as you envisioned them and that search engines can interpret your pages correctly. The W3C started the Mobile Web Initiative in 2005. The initiative wants, among the other things, to provide a set of best practices to make sure that web developers can produce sites that are mobile friendly...

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