Ciprian Borodescu

Ciprian Borodescu

Ciprian Borodescu is the co-founder & CEO at Appticles—the company behind WordPress Mobile Pack PRO. Ciprian is a tech-business in between guy, loves entrepreneurship and building product teams. He is the organizer at BucharestJS—a JavaScript developer group in Bucharest, Romania which grew to one of the biggest in the region with over 2,000 members. He is passionate about tennis, poker and forex … not necessarily in this order.

Latest Articles by Ciprian Borodescu

The WordPress road to the future of the mobile web via Progressive Web Apps

With WordPress powering 27.1% of all websites on the internet, Matt Mullenweg has set a new goal for the popular content management system: achieving a 50% market share (the majority of websites). However, he recognized that in order to reach that number and grow even further, “it’s more than just blogs and more than just...

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