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Adding Location to a non-GPS Phone – Part II

In the first part of this article, we introduced the concept of CellID, and OpenCellID – an open source database of CellIDs that can be used to build location based services, and we created a small program to determine location from CellID information. This time, we will go a step further and display a map on a mobile device, using the open source "OpenStreetMap", and we position the map using the device's location. This will deliver an experience similar to that offered by the Google Maps for Mobile "MyLocation" feature, and will run on top of JavaME...

Adding location to a non GPS phone: introducing CellID

In this two part article (see part II here), we will introduce mobile positioning based on CellID, and we will take a look at OpenCellID, the open source database of CellIDs. We will demonstrate how to use OpenCellID through some simple examples...

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