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dotMobi Mobile Web Developer's Guide

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Posted by ronan - 08 Mar 2007
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I am proud to announce we recently posted the dotMobi Mobile Web Developer's Guide on mobiForge.

This is quite a comprehensive guide to mobile web development. It layers on the advice from the W3C's Mobile Web Initiative Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0 document, but takes it further. We feel that it is very important to take the base of these best practices and make it more accessible. With this in mind, our developer guide starts by describing the mobile landscape in detail, and the importance of the mobile context.

There are code samples and a lot of useful information. We then go on to describe actual techniques for putting together a mobile-friendly site and how to publish it. This guide is designed for developers who are already familiar with web development in general, but now want to try their hand at mobile. For now, the guide does not cover more advanced techniques such as adaptation, but this will come with Part II

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We'd love to hear your feedback. The more useful comments we get, the better the guide will be. You can leave comments directly on the page linked above or post something in our Forum.

The guide can be downloaded from our Registered Users Download Page. If you are not a registered user you can sign up here.

Posted by ronan - 08 Mar 2007

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Posted by mgriffin 8 years ago

Lots of great information. There is a typo on page 51 under "MIME TYPES":
"Problem: The MIME types sent my HTTP servers"...the "my" should be "by".

Posted by MobilePublisher 7 years ago

The "DotMobi Mobile Web Developer's Guide" is a very concise piece of work.

I have made a huge reference to it in MobilePublisher's Impressum (imprint) ! The first MoZine_3.0 MobilePublisher ( will be available soon (German language).


Posted by LD2 7 years ago

Good info! Where's Part II (what was mentioned on pg. 86)? Is there another PDF guide?


Posted by Maadh 7 years ago

Bravo, good job.
But this would have although there is a small example of a project (website).
Thank you

Posted by mishack 7 years ago

Thank you for the best book that you makes development easier cause it states everything that a developer needs to know.

Keep up the good work.

Posted by grshot 7 years ago

Really nice content!!