DotMobi Switch On! Guides (Style Guides)

The dotMobi Switch On! Guides are a set of guides governing certain technical protocols and services in the .mobi domain. These style guides are a combination of mandatory rules and optional best practices that, when applied to content and services associated with the domain, ensure a good user experience for users interacting with the domain and its services via a mobile device. The rules mentioned in Style Guide documents are specifically designed to be useful, measurable and achievable.

These style guides are primarily oriented at domain registrants, since registrants are the owner of and content and services hosted at any domain, but are also useful for tool vendors and solution providers whose products and services may be involved with .mobi.


DotMobi Switch On! Web Developer Guide

This document is the authoritative source of rules governing web content served from a dotMobi domain. It also acts as a guide for web site developers and solution providers whose tools and services are used in this the dotMobi domain, or to produce content for a site in this domain. These rules are designed to ensure a good user experience for users browsing these web sites from mobile devices


Web Browsing Style Guide – Transcoding & Adaptation Addendum

This document provides interim and partial guidance to content providers as to how to indicate their intentions in the presence of adaptation and transcoding engines.

Specifically, it describes how origin servers addressable using the .mobi top level domain may indicate whether or not they vary their content in response to aspects of the HTTP request headers and whether or not they wish to allow their content to be transformed by components of the delivery context.

It is a consultative document

DotMobi Switch On! Email Guide

This document is the authoritative source of rules governing public email services hosted on a dotMobi domain. A public email service is an email service that offers email accounts to the general public either as a free or paid-for service. These rules are designed to ensure a good user experience for users using dotMobi email services on their mobile devices.

DotMobi Domain Naming Guidelines

This document is designed to offer guidelines and advice to dotMobi registrants with domain naming decisions. Note that these are guidelines rather than rules; there is no requirement for registrants to follow these recommendations.


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