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XHTML Mobile Website Templates

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Posted by admin - 02 Aug 2006
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The dotMobi mobile website template is an XHTML template for a complete static .mobi XHTML website. This template is designed to act as a starting point for web developers to create their own sites. The template is coded in fully validating XHTML Mobile Profile and there are extensive comments within the code to help guide those unfamiliar with XHTML.

The templates are available in 2 version, each designed to suit a particular type of phone. The version called '110' is designed for lower end phones (e.g. Nokia series 40 phones) that typically have displays about 110 pixels wide. The '176' version is designed for more advanced phones and phones with higher resolution displays such as most smart phones and PDAs. Some sites will require the ability to dynamically switch between the different versions depending on the phone making the request. A method for doing this is covered in the articles section of this site.

These files can be downloaded below.

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176.zip59.57 KB
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Posted by admin - 02 Aug 2006

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