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Future of the Mobile Web: Request for submissions

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Posted by mclancy - 06 Jan 2012
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Dear mobiForge community,

We have invited a number of colleagues and opinion formers from across several different verticals to a forum event in Dublin on January 26th next to discuss some of the most pressing issues, trends, opportunities and challenges in today’s mobile web environment. People from companies like Adobe, Cloud Four, Nokia, Yiibu and others will be coming along.

The idea is to build towards a consensus on current technology, facts, fictions and opportunities of the mobile web in an environment that is increasingly noisy and hype filled.

We hope to use the forum as a springboard to produce an open and mutually beneficial paper for the industry as a whole to use as a reference on the topics under discussion.

We would like to represent as wide a cross section of the industry as possible. So if you would like to make a submission for a discussion topic or have questions or issues you would like to see addressed at the event, please email us here.

We welcome your input and look forward to publishing the report. We will credit all contributors in the final report.

Some of the issues under discussion include:
• Responsive Design
• Native or Web Apps
• Browser Evolution
• Device Intelligence
• Fragmentation across
o Browser
o Devices
o OS
• A mobile first Design Perspective
• A UX Perspective
• Designing for a global web - focusing on the user not the device

Posted by mclancy - 06 Jan 2012

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Editor and contributor at mobiForge. Day job, Head of Marketing at Afilias' mobile and web division (formerly dotMobi)

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