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Fixit – Viewport meta tag

This test determines if your page has a viewport meta tag in the header. The viewport meta tag lets you modify the virtual viewport applied to the page and to target those modifications to particular viewport sizes. In effect, it instructs the browser when and how to zoom a page to achieve optimal rendering. Better rending within the browser improves user experience and allows webpages to dynamically adjust to different device types...

Fixit – Image Maps

This test determines if your page make use of image maps. While image maps are a convenient development shortcut, they are not considered mobile friendly. The additional weight of embedding links in images increases transfer time and rendering speeds. Additionally many mobile devices do not provide ample means to use image maps to users...

Fixit – File minification

This test determines if your page makes use of excessive whitespace. Whitespace in markup, CSS and JavaScript files tend to make them more readable. However the extra data adds significantly to transfer and processing times. Minification is the process of reducing whitespace in files to an absolute minimum. In many cases filesizes can drop by over 30% through minifcation, thus speeding up content delivery and processing...

Fixit – Applets

This test determines if your page make use of applet tags. Applets, by and large, require specific pplugins to be installed at the browser level. While this may be possible in some instances, and for some device browsers, the majority of plugins are not mobile friendly and their use is strongly discouraged...

Fixit – Inline JavaScript

This test determines if your page make use of inline JavaScript code. Requiring the browser to pass markup for JavaScript code slows processing and makes web applications increasingly brittle. Moving all JavaScript code to dedicated JavaScript include files provides a clean seperation of markup, style and code...

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