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Fixit – Styled Markup

This test determines if your page has styled markup such as basefont, center, font or u. These style markup tags are considered dated and require additional processing time to render. Best practice dictates that all style related information should be contained in CSS files and not be included in amongst markup...

Fixit – Inline Styles

This test determines if your page has any inline style directives. Inline styles are both harder to maintain and require additional processing time so are not optimal. All style directives should be in dedicated CSS files instead...

Fixit – Empty Image

This test determines if your page has any empty image tags (image tags with no 'src' attribute or an empty 'src' attribute). Leaving image tags empty require processing that is ultimately wasted. When image tags need to be dynamically created this should happen with JavaScript programming...

Fixit – GZip Encoding

This test determines if your page is transferred using GZip encoding. GZip encoding, or compression, reduces the data being sent and this speeds up the transfer time considerably. Where possible all web assets should use GZip encoding for transmission...

Fixit – Stylesheet Placement

This test determines if your page has Stylesheet includes in inappropriate places. Grouping Stylesheet includes together in the head of the page markup is optimal for page load. Due to the HTTP specification putting Stylesheet includes elsewhere in the page, at the bottom for instance, will result in the design loading blocking while the Stylesheets are downloaded...

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