is 1Mth page tested by mobiReady

We’re happy to announce a great milestone today: was the 1 millionth page that was tested by our mobiReady testing tool!

We’re super happy about this, and we’re delighted to see some well known brands such as AutoTrader making use of our free testing tool. Check out their results here.

To mark the occasion we’ve also pulled out some stats to get an idea of how people are using the tool. Some interesting patterns emerged. Of the 1000 most frequently tested pages:

  • 49.6% showed an improved score over time
  • 38.9% maintained a consistent score
  • 1.8% of pages which improved showed a subsequent reduction in score

These data lead us to believe that the mobiReady tool is indeed achieving its goal by helping to improve the quality mobile Web. The first indicates that the bulk of our users are using the tool to improve their score, and perhaps more interesting, the third point indicates that the vast majority of those sites which showed an improvement over time maintained their improved score.

To celebrate we’ve put up a shiny new graphic on the homepage (thanks Claire), and I’ve put together a list of 1,000,000 things you can do with our mobiReady tool. So here’s the list:

  • Test your page for mobile readiness
  • Test your whole site for mobile readiness
  • Create your own app using the mobiReady API
  • Post markup directly to the API
  • Test as different devices
  • Pass in arbitrary HTTP headers
  • Integrate into your development process
  • View archived results of your previous site tests
  • Get advice on how to fix problems with your pages

I’ll post the remaining 900,000+ items right after lunch. Check back soon!

Well, I guess the next milestone is 10,000,000, so get on over to and test your page, it could be you wearing the mobiReady crown next time.

Alternatively, enter a URL below to test a page right now:


Thanks again to everyone using the tool. Feedback and suggestions are always welcome, so please drop us a mail at if you know how we can make it better.

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