Free best practice paper: Spread the mobile love

Spread the mobile love… A guide to running seasonal mobile promotions.

Every event, festival and holiday in the calendar presents an opportunity for mobile promotions. Here’s how to plan and execute yours successfully.

The following extract is a quick overview of our free best practice paper on seasonal mobile promotions. You can download the extended guide, complete with mobile promotion case studies here.

The calendar is packed with religious holidays and national holidays, as well as sporting and festive events, loved by consumers and offering tantalising opportunities for launching mobile promotions.

This February, more brands than ever used mobile promotions to capitalise on Valentine’s Day. If you missed out, don’t worry, because our mobile marketing tips, and the mobile promotions that illustrate them, will help you plan for the other key events throughout the year.

Seasonal mobile promotions – the how-to guide
Our step-by-step guide to running successful mobile promotions around holidays and special events tells you everything you need to know, including:

  • How to pick a suitable event for mobile promotions
    Mobile promotions should be based around events that are relevant to a broad range of your customers. Valentine’s Day works particularly well because it transcends culture and religion and like many other festivals, is all about giving.
  • How to set realistic goals for your mobile promotions
    The ideal mobile promotion targets and rewards existing customers while building
    the opt-in list for future mobile campaigns. If the advantage is clear – e.g. sign up to receive monthly discount coupons or the chance to win – consumers will subscribe through the mobile or Web site.
  • How to make mobile promotions relevant and appealing
    The golden rule of any mobile promotion is: make it relevant. An ill-targeted message may not only fall on deaf ears, it may even alienate the recipient. Social-networking site Flirtomatic has hit the spot with its well-targeted mobile marketing campaigns in the past, and we tell you how they did it.
seasonal mobile promotions guide – download the complete document here.

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