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Dotmobi has teamed up with MobileComplete to bring you the DotMobi Virtual Developer Lab. Now you can test on REAL devices, including the iPhone, for free!

The Virtual Developer Lab, powered by DeviceAnywhere provides remote access to 100s of REAL devices, on live networks from around the world, without the financial burden of owning real devices or signing up to operator contracts.

This means you can experiment on any device you want. Each device has a real SIM, and a real connection with a real network operator. The clever folk over at DeviceAnywhere have wired up screens and keypads, so that you can use any device from your desktop, as if it was right in the palm of your hand. You can even remove batteries, insert data cables and flip clamshells. Most of us can only dream of a test-environment like this.

All mobiForge users get 5 hours free on hundreds of real devices on real networks.

Note A credit card is a necessary part of this promotion for two reasons:
(1) It prevents abuse of the devices. Because these are real phones, with real accounts, a user could easily download premium content (e.g. ringtones or any other premuim content) and without a valid credit card, we would be left to foot the bill. We’re generous over here at dotMobi, but not that generous 😉
(2) Only one promotion per credit card – this prevents users signing up multiple times for free credit
THERE IS NO CHARGE if you do not download pay-for content.

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