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We're proud to sponsor CrunchLudd

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Posted by James Pearce - 26 Jun 2008
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Being good Dublin citizens, dotMobi is proud to sponsor CrunchLudd tonight - a joint TechCrunch & TechLudd Meetup.

It's a great informal event for start-ups in the web and mobile space. You can read more about the event here and hopefully we'll see some of you there.

Quite a few of us from dotMobi will be enjoying our own liquid hospitality, so please come and say hello.

Also a quick plug for a mobile event in Dublin next week, too: Mobile MMMMADness - featuring Vodafone, mobile advertising, a barbeque and plenty of Tiger Beer. We have about 10 slots left on the guest list, so get in there fast :-)



Posted by James Pearce - 26 Jun 2008

James Pearce's picture

James Pearce was previously CTO at dotMobi and co-author of Wiley's "Mobile Internet for Dummies". He has the mobile web in his veins, having worked previously at Argogroup, AnywhereYouGo, and as founder of old-skool mobile blog, WAPtastic. James has declared every year since 1997 to be "the Year of the Mobile Web" - and is finally right. Right now, he's travelling the world and living the mobile dream.

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