Hotbeds of Mobile Development

When you register for mobiForge, we ask you a few optional questions about who and where you are. This is not because we are running some elaborate email spam scheme, but basically because we like graphs.

In particular, we ask you to provide your city and country. We thought we’d let you know where the hot beds of mobile development are around the world – at least for a sample of the 22,000 users who’ve registered on mobiForge.

* Percentages given are of those who supplied an answer to that particular question at sign-up.

Users by country

Firstly, let’s look at the countries you, our members come from. Apart from our fair share of users allegedly from the alphabetically-advantaged Afghanistan, we’ve got an extremely solid base of North American, European, and BRIC users. Perhaps surprising (although not to our own immigrant Adrian) is the prevalence of South Africa – joining Australia to comprise the two hottest mobile development countries in the Southern Hemisphere.

Country Percentage*
United States 26.1%
India 10.3%
United Kingdom 7.9%
Germany 3.9%
Canada 3.7%
Spain 3.5%
Brazil 3.3%
France 2.8%
Australia 2.6%
South Africa 2.5%

Users by city

Drilling into the geography a little more, our top ten cities (worldwide) are as follows. London should be proud to run away with it, and Indian cities rank unsurprisingly high. We’re chuffed to see Dublin in the top three: it’s possible that a few of them are, ahem, us – but it’s still a hotbed of mobile development otherwise.

City Percentage*
London 5.3%
Chennai 2.5%
Dublin 2.5%
Mumbai 2.0%
São Paulo 1.8%
Stockholm 1.8%
Toronto 1.7%
New York 1.6%
Bangalore 1.5%
Berlin 1.5%

Users by type of organisation

Whilst we’re at it (and whilst I’ve got the Google Charts API docs open), let’s take a look at the types of company you and your fellow mobiForge members work for. The boundaries between these categories are always slighty fuzzy (especially in a young market like mobile development), but hopefully they’re clear enough.

Type of company Percentage*
Mobile development 26.0%
Web development 23.8%
IT 13.8%
Services 8.3%
Media 8.0%
Education 6.0%
Platform provider 3.3%
Network operator/carrier 2.2%
Telecoms vendor 1.8%
Retail 1.7%

Users by role

Finally, we ask you what type of role you have within the organisation. The results speak for themselves: you’re smart, successful, and love technology. QED.

Role Percentage*
Senior Management (CxO) 31.3%
Developer 24.6%
Designer 7.8%
Engineering Mgr 5.2%
Architect 5.0%
Marketing 4.2%
Product Requirements Mgr 4.2%
Business Development 2.9%
Tester 2.7%
“Other” 11.2%

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