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Global mobile statistics 2014 Section G: Mobile banking and m-money; Section H: Venture capital (VC) investment in mobile


Mobile awards 2014 guide: winners at all major global mobile awards with video case studies; plus how and what to enter in 2014

Mobile awards play a very important role. They showcase best practice in mobile Web, marketing and services, bringing great kudos for the winners and inspiration for the rest of us. But with dozens of mobile awards around the globe, with vastly varying quality, coverage and price, where should you be entering your mobile site, app, campaign or service, and from which awards are we likely to learn the most?...

The Webby Awards 2014 the award-winning mobile campaigns with video case studies

Congratulations Webby winners, if you haven’t already, please send a summary of your winning entry, including evidence of success, and links to your case studies/videos and award entry to editor (at) Awards: The Webby Awards a.k.a. The Webbys...

Revealed: mobile banking customers at worlds largest banks – the huge, the tiny and the AWOL

If you want to know how seriously a company takes mobile, study the annual report. The reports of the world’s largest banks show that they – and their investors – consider mobile banking to be very important. And that’s not surprising considering that there are expected to be 1 billion mobile banking users in 2017, according to Juniper Research (January, 2013)...

Global mobile statistics 2014 Part A: Mobile subscribers; handset market share; mobile operators


Theres more to smart mobile marketing than smartphones: Q&A with Candice Goodman Chair, MMA South Africa; MD, Mobitainment

Candice Goodman is the chair the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) South Africa and managing director of th...

The 10 ways mobile search is different: implications for your mobile Web/search strategy

Let’s get one thing straight: mobile search is huge and growing rapidly • “25 percent of overall search queries are now on mobile devices.” – BIA/Kelsey (April 2014)...

US consumers will spend more time on mobile devices than PCs in 2014: three hours a day. When will marketers catch up?

In 2013, US consumers spent over 2 hours 19 minutes using mobile phones – that excludes making calls – matching PC consumption. In 2014 mobile usage will rise to 2 hours 51 minutes, while PC consumption contracts to 2 hours 12 minutes, according to forecasts by eMarketer (April 2014). So why are US advertisers expected to spend twice as much on PC advertising as mobile next year?...

Mobile browsing stats: why do iOS users surf more than Android users?

If Android smartphones and now tablets (as of 2013) outsell iOS devices so convincingly worldwide, why do iOS devices command such a substantial share of mobile browsing in Western markets such the US? This blog post examines why this happens today and whether this will continue to be the case in the future, and what it all means for your mobile strategy...

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