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FlashLite Version Detection update

So if you’re an active FlashLite or Flash developer who keeps an eye on the mobile space, you may have noticed something that happened last month with one of the web’s largest Flash delivery site: YouTube. The change was around the mechanism they used for version detection, and draws attention back to a topic close to the heart of every mobile developer (flash or otherwise): user-agent detection...

The underestimated object element

One of the more powerful elements in XHTML MP (actually a part of XHTML, but extremely powerful and flexible in our mobile world) is the element. Still, it is not used very often. So, I thought I would do some promotion!...

The worst practices of the mobile web, part II

A few months ago, I blogged about the worst mistakes I saw on mobile sites. Since this time I have visited and analysed plenty more mobile sites (so that my search crawler can process them better), and I have a few more offenders whose practices can make mobile browsing a nightmare...

WebKit by any other name… or How I found a use for JavaScript

I’ve been doing a great deal of thinking lately about JavaScript/ECMAScript and the mobile web. What I’ve been struggling with is the need or value for it when it comes to sites which are organically created for mobile. Sure there’s a need to support JavaScript as fully as possible for providing a ‘full web’ experience and managing existing content, but when it comes to designing for the mobile context, is there really value for it?...

Open Sesame

There’s lots of chatter about ‘openness’ in the mobile space recently. If you’re listening to the media, you’re hearing it both on the handset and the network side. We’ve got the 700MHz spectrum auction that’s just wrapped up in which Google so cleverly forced the ‘openness’ provision to kick in. Verizon, the largest operator in the US (and the big winner in the C block that’s now required to be ‘open’), making statements that they’re going to allow ‘any device’ on their network...

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