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The Growing Mobile Web

Since the beginning of the project, I've been charged with building its index, and so I've been crawling a lot of web sites. This has given me a good vantage point from which to view the growth of the mobile web, and to notice general trends. The overall impression I have today is of a continuous growth in content and new sites, but no tidal wave just yet...

240×320, the new standard screen resolution

I've had this theory for the last few months, and so I've decided to put it to the test. Today, most of the new phones you can buy have a screen resolution of at least 240x320 and are fully web xHTML (WAP 2.0) capable. When I see all the new models constantly coming to market, it's clear that the common screen width is definitely shifting to 240x320 pixels...

The worst practices of the mobile web, part II

A few months ago, I blogged about the worst mistakes I saw on mobile sites. Since this time I have visited and analysed plenty more mobile sites (so that my search crawler can process them better), and I have a few more offenders whose practices can make mobile browsing a nightmare...

Find favicons

The favorites icon, that little icon displayed next to the URL bar in most PC browsers, can be quite useful for mobile. It allows identification of a site in only 16x16 pixels and just hundreds of bytes. Most favicons are unique, and despite being too small to accommodate text or a complex logo-type, users can identify a site more quickly by its favicon than by reading the URL...

Cooking the mobile web

Ingredients: Handsets, Operators efforts, Content and Educated public.Instructions:Prepare your handsets until most of them are technically ready to display and browse mobile content.While this step is going in a good way, start the long process to shape mobile content, it must have a nice flavor of context relative.Last step you gently mix operators efforts to provide a cheap, fast and enthusiastic access. And don’t forget to pour some education on your public, so everybody will know that mobile web is cool, cheap and tasty!...

The worst practices of the mobile web.

It's more usual to give good examples and best practices, but since I'm visiting and analyzing .mobi websites, and I have seen so many bad things, I decided take the snake by the tail. Feel free to avoid these worst practices. At the head of the hall of shame, I claim...

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