Screencast: Beginning Mobile Web Development

In order to help web developers who are already familiar with authoring for the PC-internet adapt their skills to mobile, mTLD provides a short online course that help explains the different techniques that are required for creating a mobile site. This course is completely free of charge and streamed directly to your browser.

The course covers the following:

  • The mandatory dotMobi rules
  • XHTML Mobile Profile
  • Validating your code
  • Testing using desktop browsers
  • MIME types
  • Use of mobile emulators
  • DotMobi site templates
  • Useful tools for mobile development
  • Getting your site indexed by Google
  • World Wide Web Mobile Web Initiative best practices

If you have completed the training, you may be interested in becoming dotMobi-certified. You can find out more about our certification programme here.

Click on the image below to launch the course in your browser!

Training image

Developers should also consider looking at the following documents for further information:


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