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Post Markup Directly to mobiReady.com

If you missed our newsletter yesterday you are probably not aware of a small announcement we made in it. We've pushed out a few updates to mobiReady.com, our mobile-readiness page testing tool. The most significant change is that you can now post markup directly to the service, instead of posting a URL for the service to visit and test...

Ready.mobi API has landed

Well, is landing. We're just about ready to start beta testing on ready.mobi v2.2 aka API release. We've been planning this for a while, and a few of you have already had a sneak preview, but before we launch it fully, we invite any interested parties to try out the beta...

Screencast: Beginning Mobile Web Development

In order to help web developers who are already familiar with authoring for the PC-internet adapt their skills to mobile, mTLD provides a short online course that help explains the different techniques that are required for creating a mobile site. This course is completely free of charge and streamed directly to your browser...

Caveat validator, or DTD anyone?

A short time ago while playing around with markup validators I encountered an interesting problem. This problem has also been mentioned on the wmlprogramming list, but it's worthy of a bit more explanation. I received a validation error, and at first I thought the cause was bad XHTML markup. As I investigated however, I realised that every document with a particular DOCTYPE was encountering the same problem...

Announcing ready.mobi v2.0

For those who haven't seen it yet, we've gone live with ready.mobi v2.0 (We were going to call v1.1, but the new features are so cool we figured it was worth bumping up to 2.0). Version 2.0 rocks. New features include...

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