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US consumers will spend more time on mobile devices than PCs in 2014: three hours a day. When will marketers catch up?

In 2013, US consumers spent over 2 hours 19 minutes using mobile phones – that excludes making calls – matching PC consumption. In 2014 mobile usage will rise to 2 hours 51 minutes, while PC consumption contracts to 2 hours 12 minutes, according to forecasts by eMarketer (April 2014). So why are US advertisers expected to spend twice as much on PC advertising as mobile next year?...

2013 handset and smartphone sales and market share: 10 things you need to know (Update)

Update (April 1, 2014): Now includes forecasts for smartphone sales 2014-2018 and average selling price of smartphones...

Berg Insight: 64 million wearable technology devices by 2017. Why companies need to watch this market closely

Berg Insight forecasts that sales of smart glasses, smart watches and wearable fitness trackers will reach 64.0 million units in 2017. That’s an increase of 50.6 percent per annum from 2012, when there were just 8.3 million units shipped worldwide. mobiThinking asked Berg Insight CEO Johan Fagerberg some questions about the latest research and his opinions on the market, but before we get to the Q&A, first let’s explain what the fuss is about wearable technology and why companies need to track this market...

Wow a competition promoting Web apps – and from a handset manufacturer – how times are a changing

As part of its “Connecting the next billion” initiative, Nokia is running a competition where developers can enter their Web apps (as many as they like) – yes that’s web-based mobile apps – for a chance to win mobile handsets and get your app published and promoted in the Nokia Store...

2011 handset and smartphone sales statistics worldwide: the big picture

There were almost half a billion smartphones shipped globally in 2011, according to IDC, Strategy Analytics and Canalys (Gartner’s stats are still to come). But this is just a small part of mobile phone picture...

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