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SMS Messaging in Android

It would be safe to say that nearly every mobile phone sold in the past decade has SMS messaging capabilities. In fact, SMS messaging is one great killer application for the mobile phone and it has created a steady revenue stream for mobile operators. Understanding how to use SMS messaging in your application can provide you with many ideas to create the next killer application...

Getting Started with Android Development

Unless you have been hiding in the caves for the past couple of months, by now you must have heard of the mobile platform from Google that everyone is talking about. Yes, that's right, I am talking about Android. Android is an open source mobile operating system that is based on the Linux kernel. Using Android, device manufacturers can customize the OS to suit their particular hardware design, thereby allowing them to innovate without limitations...

Device simulators with PHP

When a new mobile application is launched, it often is an issue how it is to be presented to the targeted users on the web. Linking directly to the application URL often results in a poor browsing experience on standard web browsers. Likewise, relying on one of the known online device emulators may result in compatibility problems, performance issues and dependencies on third party web servers...

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