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Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs) 2013, the award-winning mobile campaigns with case studies and videos

The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs) • Founded: 2010. • Organized by: Mobile Marketing Magazine. • Deadline for entries: September, each year. • Entry fee: free (though originally there was a fee)...

Winners of the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs) 2012, with videos and case studies

Update (November 2013): The 2013 winners of the EMMAs are here. Congratulations to the EMMAs winners. If you can send us a link to your case study/video and a paragraph outlining the nature of the entry, we will add it. Commended and finalists, please send a link. Send details to: editor (at) mobiThinking.com. The Effective Mobile Marketing Awards (EMMAs) • Founded: 2010...

Tracking mobile with Google Analytics

Mobile is becoming more important by the day and the figures speak for themselves: about 1 page out of every 8 was viewed using a mobile device (including tablets and phones) according to recent comScore research and last month Google released a study which showed that 77% of mobile searches were performed at home or at work even if a desktop PC was available...

The dos and donts of building and marketing your mobile site in China – guest blog by Mark Tanner, China Skinny

China’s 1 billion mobile subscribers are rapidly taking up the mobile Web. The number of mobile Web users is rapidly approaching 400 million users, according to CNNIC, while the Chinese operators report that they have more than 200m 3G (i.e. fast internet) subscribers...

Winners of the MMA Global Mobile Marketing Awards 2011 with videos and case studies

Update (October 2012): The 2012 winners of the MMA Global Awards are here. Awards: Global Mobile Marketing Awards for Innovation, Creativity and Leadership Founded: 2004. Deadline for entries: July each year (please double check with MMA as this keeps changing) Entry fee: US $250 per entry for MMA Members, US $300 for non-members...

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